Animal Services

Important Information regarding citizen citations: Did you know that our animal control officers cannot issue a citation unless they actually witness a violation of the law? For example, if someone complains about a dog running loose or a dog barking in the middle of the night, we can’t issue a citation unless we actually see the dog running loose or hear the dog barking.
    It is certainly terrifying to be approached by a vicious dog. It is frustrating to hear dogs barking during the middle of the night. So what is a resident supposed to do?

    If you witness a violation, you have the right to issue a citizen citation. Our animal control officers will assist you with this paperwork. All you have to do is sign and come to court as the witness.
    As always, our objective is to provide a peaceful, safe and harmonious coexistence for animals and residents. However, some issues require you as a resident to help us with what we cannot see or hear.
    If you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to call our office. This post is simply to provide you with an option that is available to you. Please do not post your complaint in the comment section. We prefer to address all complaints by phone.

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