Water Wastewater Services

What We Do
The primary function of this division is to maintain the City's 375 miles of water mains, 353 miles of sewer mains, 20,408 water services, 19,146 sewer services, 25 lift stations, 3,290 fire hydrants, and 6,224 water valves.  We also have a utility locator that services over 9,000 requests for locates each year.

Please call 385-5586 to report:
  • Water bubbling up in the street
  • Broken or leaking fire hydrant
  • Water leaking from your water meter
  • Water or Sewer backing up into your house or business
  • Sinkhole in yard or under sidewalk/driveway
Before You Dig
Always Call Tennessee One-Call System, Inc (1-800-351-1111) to locate underground utilities on your property.  This is a free service provided to you that could prevent loss of services or save your life.  Remember to call, it's the law!

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Who to Call Before You Dig
Tennessee One-Call Center- 1-800-351-1111 
Tennessee One-Call operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Important reminder: State law requires three business days notice for locating lines.