Youth Programs & Events

Upcoming Youth Programs & Events

Gifted Athletes Homeschool Physical Education (K-12) - Physical education is more exciting than you thought! Learn the ABC's of physical education (agility, balance & coordination) with Omar Ruvalcaba ("Coach Ru").  Speed training and brain boosting warm-ups are also part of every class.  This class meets weekly every Thursday at 12pm.

Coach Ru is a certified group instructor as well as CPR and First Aid certified.  He's been coaching youth sports for over 15 years!  He is currently a football coach at Cordova High School.  His fun, engaging personality brings excitement and energy to every class!  Interested in learning more?  Check back for more details.

Nightly Gym Games - A member's only free event.  A drop in program for children ages 6 - 11.  Find more information here.  

Kid's Night Out - A night of rip-roaring non-stop activities for children ages 3 - 12.  Sound interesting?  Find more information here.  Our next event will be Friday, December 9th!

J.Y.M. - A program that equips youth with the knowledge to appropriately use the fitness center with indirect supervision.

Day Gym Games (seasonal) - Are you out of school?  Are you a member ages 6 - 11?  Our next edition of Day Gym Games will take place during Bartlett City Schools Fall Break (Monday, 10/10 and Wednesday, 10/12).  Come and let your kids enjoy a great time of fast-paced games! 

Next Level Basketball Training - Do you need to improve your basketball skills?  Do you need to sharpen your game?  Rhynia Henry will be hosting his Next Level Basketball Training and Development Summer Camps beginning June 1st.  Space is limited to 5 participants for the "Elite" camps (minimum age is 14) and 10 participants for the "Intermediate" camps (minimum age is 10).

BXST Tryouts - Interested in the BXST?  Check out what is in store for you!

Updated 10-17-2016