Reports - 11/09/20 thru 11/15/20

   On 11/09/2020, an officer responded to a vandalism on Rabbit Chase Ln. The victim Debra Smith advised she heard her son's bedroom window shatter. When she went out to investigate, she saw a white lifted pickup truck, with loud exhaust, driving away eastbound on Beagle Run Dr. A witness observed someone outside the window wearing a dark colored hoodie. No additional description was given.


   On 11/10/2020, an officer responded to Elmore Rd regarding a trailer theft complaint. The victim stated his trailer, containing two ATV’s, was stolen from his driveway. At the time of this report, there were no known suspects.


   On 11/10/2020, an officer responded to Englishill Dr. regarding a theft. The victim advised an unknown suspect stole two gas cans from his trailer, which was parked in his driveway. The victim stated his security cameras showed a silver Nissan Titan driven by a young white female suspect, wearing a blue long sleeve shirt or hoodie with dark pants.


   On 11/11/2020, an officer responded to a theft from a motor vehicle on N. Lake Oaks Dr. The victim stated someone entered her truck through an unlocked door and stole several items.


   On 11/11/2020, an officer responded to E. Lake Oaks regarding an auto burglary complaint. The victim stated several unknown suspects, in two vehicles were in the neighborhood and breaking into vehicles. The victim stated his ring camera system showed at least two suspects entering his company work truck but they did not appear to take anything. The victim stated the vehicle was unlocked.


   On 11/11/2020, an officer responded to 8480 US Hwy 64, Sam's Club, regarding a stolen license plate.  The victim stated the license plate from her vehicle was missing and was unsure where the theft occurred.


   On 11/12/2020, an officer responded to 5985 Stage regarding a stolen vehicle. The victim stated his vehicle was stolen while parked in front of the store and running.


   On 11/14/2020, an officer responded to a theft from a motor vehicle on Bartlett View Dr. The victim advised she arrived home and noticed her daughter's wallet lying on the walkway in front of her residence. The victim checked her vehicle and noticed several items scattered around the vehicle.

   On 11/15/2020, an officer responded to a stolen vehicle at 8740 Hwy 64, Firebirds. The victim advised his truck, containing several personal items, had been stolen.