On 11/04/2019, an officer responded to Fiske Valley Dr regarding an attempted auto burglary. The victim stated he heard his dogs barking and ran to his driveway in time to see two suspects running to an early 2000s model silver Dodge Neon. Video of the incident revealed the suspect’s opening the victim’s the front passenger's side door, which was unlocked, and then fleeing.

   On 11/04/2019, an officer reported an auto burglary on Fiske Valley. The victim advised he parked his truck in his driveway and left it unlocked. He returned and noticed someone had entered the truck and stole a handgun from the center console.

   On 11/04/2019, officers responded to 6767 Hwy 70, Trustmark, on a bank robbery. The victims advised a suspect robbed the bank and then fled the scene. Detectives began an investigation and the suspect was located and arrested that evening.

   On 11/04/2019, an officer was dispatched to Maher Trail regarding an auto burglary. The victim advised someone entered his unlocked vehicle and took around five dollars in loose change and ransacked his vehicle, going through the vehicle's center console and passenger side compartment.

   On 11/05/2019, an officer was flagged down during a business check at 8400 US 64 Highway, Walmart, regarding a stolen phone. The victim advised her iPhone was stolen from her purse.

   On 11/06/2019, an officer responded to a theft complaint at 3730 Appling Rd. The victim advised his prescription medication was stolen from his vehicle.

   On 11/07/2019, an officer responded to a theft of vehicle parts at JC Auto Shop, 6838 Summer Avenue. The victim advised an unknown suspect drove on their property, got out of his vehicle and stole two batteries, worth approximately $250.00 each and a truck rim worth $250.00.

   On 11/08/2019, an officer responded to a theft of vehicle parts on Centralia Road. The victim advised someone had stolen her license plate.

   On 11/09/2019, an officer reported a vandalism on Mary Elizabeth Dr. The victim stated his truck had been vandalized. Officer observed what appeared to be a long scratch on the driver side of his truck. The scratch started above the driver side tire and ended behind the back tire.

   On 11/10/2019, an officer was called to Oak Forest Dr. regarding a vandalism. The victim stated an unknown person slashed three of his tires.

   On 11/10/2019, an officer responded to 8400 Hwy 64, Walmart, on an auto burglary complaint. The victim advised she arrived at the business and left her cell phone on the passenger seat of her vehicle by mistake. She stated she forgot to lock her car doors and a suspect entered her vehicle and stole the cellphone.

   On 11/10/2019, an officer responded to 8470 Hwy 64, Firebirds, on an auto burglary complaint. The victim advised he arrived at the restaurant and parked on the east side of the building. When he returned, he noticed his passenger window had been broken out and someone had stolen his handgun, from the center console.

   On 11/10/2019, a victim approached an officer to report his vehicle, a black 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe, had just been stolen from the Mapco at 6127 Stage Rd. The victim stated he turned his vehicle off and left his keys on the center console while he was purchasing merchandise from the store. The victim stated the only identifying features of his vehicle are the 22-inch after-market rims with mud tires, and blacked out brake lights.

   On 11/11/2019, an officer responded to a report of an auto burglaries at 5955 Yale Rd, Christ Church. The complainant advised she had video footage of an unknown suspect breaking the driver's side rear window of a vehicle located in the parking lot, south of the building.

   On 11/12/2019, an officer responded to Ruskin Road regarding a motor vehicle theft. The victim stated his vehicle was stolen from his driveway.

   On 11/12/2019, an officer responded to a vandalism at Grand Pacific, located at 6196 Stage Rd. The complainant stated a disgruntled customer was upset because he believed the restaurant had double charged him. The suspect knocked several items off the counter, destroying a glass tip jar and two souvenir mirrors. The suspect then left the restaurant.

   On 11/13/2019, an officer responded to a theft from motor vehicle at 7930 Highway 64, Malco Cinema. The victim advised he approached his rental vehicle and noticed his driver’s side window was shattered and his NBA tickets were missing from the center console.

   On 11/14/2019, an officer reported a theft at 8527 Wolf Lake Drive, Cooks Pest Control. The complainant advised someone cut the chain to the fence, where the work trucks were parked, and cut seventeen (17) catalytic converters off all the trucks (estimated value $12,000).

   On 11/15/2019, officers were dispatched to 2855 Stage Village Cv. suite #7, Excel Centers of America, regarding a robbery. The victim stated the business was robbed by unknown suspects. ISD was contacted and took over the investigation.

   On 11/16/2019, an officer responded to a burglary on Anna Calla Way. The victim stated someone attempted to break into her residence but they were unsuccessful.

   On 11/16/2019, an officer responded to a theft from motor vehicle at 6276 Stage Road, Andy B's. The victim advised his vehicle had been burglarized and he was unsure if he locked the doors. The victim advised his gun was missing from underneath his driver's seat. Officers later responded to a suspicious person call on Canehill. The victim advised he observed a suspect in his driveway looking into his vehicles. Officers made the scene and arrested the suspect, who had the stolen handgun in his possession.

   On 11/17/2019, an officer reported a theft from a motor vehicle on Centralia Rd. The victim advised his truck was burglarized and was unlocked at the time of the burglary.

   On 11/17/2019, an officer responded to a theft from a motor vehicle on Sunny Meadows. The victim advised his vehicle was burglarized and items were taken. The victim stated that he does not believe he locked the vehicle.

   On 11/17/2019 an officer responded to Scepter Dr. on multiple auto burglary complaints. On scene, officers spoke with complainant who had video of a suspect burglarizing a vehicle. The suspect was known to officers and was previously arrested that day for multiple auto burglaries.