Sarah Golden

Associate Artistic Director: Sarah Golden

Sarah Golden is from Memphis, Tennessee.  She has been studying dance nationwide for 24 years. She is well versed in all styles of dance and believes in a well rounded training for dancers. Her teaching style is thorough and consistent and she believes that no student should be left behind. Her attention to detail is insurmountable making her a leader in dance education as well as an exceptional adjudicator. Her achievements as a dancer are astounding. She was a leading competitor in dance both regionally and nationally. Her credits include top soloists, a multitude of scholarships from the industry's leading professionals in dance competitions and conventions, as well as the prestigious $5,000 college scholarship from Harlequin.  Her students have been recognized with top scores regionally and nationally for their technique, precision, and showmanship. She is dedicated to every student she works with reaching his or her greatest potential as a dancer and person. She truly cares about the success of the next generation of dancers and applies her eye for detail to help her students as well as the students she judges to reach their goals. Sarah graduated  from X-Ray school in 2013 and works tirelessly to be the best she can be in both fields.  As both a health care professional at LeBonheur Children's Hospital and associate artistic director, her child centered careers are both a testament to her passion for the success and well being of current and future generations.