Park & Seek


13 Parks have been taken over by your favorite movie monsters! Bartlett Parks and Recreation needs your help warding off these infamous creatures!

You will find a unique QR code at each of these parks, and you must complete their challenge. The more people who complete the challenges, the higher chance that we might scare them off…at least until next year.

Document your challenges when you find the QR code and even post it to our Facebook page with the unique hashtag. Once you complete all 13 challenges, visit either the Bartlett Rec Center, Bartlett Senior Center, or Singleton Community Center to claim your prize! Everyone who documents all tasks will be entered in a raffle to win a grand prize!

Park & Seek | Monsters Among Us will start October 18th and end October 31st. There is no particular park order and it does not have to be completed in one day. 

Good luck Scarers of Bartlett!

Click Here for Registration!

How To Participate  

- Families/Teams sign up at

- Families/Teams will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to participate/where to go

- Each park will have a designated spot with a QR code that you scan to see what activity you will need to do

- Submit a picture/video through our QR code website for each stop

- There will be a code at each stop for anyone that doesn’t have a smart phone they can write down

- A hint will be posted on the back of every park entrance sign to help with finding the QR code if you get stuck

- Once you complete all 13 stops you will receive an email certificate indicating completion

- Stop by the Senior Center, Bartlett Rec Center, or Singleton Community Center to pick up your candy

- There will be a bonus stop at Singleton where you can get an extra treat

- Everyone who participates will be entered in a drawing for a Bartlett Parks and Rec grand prize!

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