Required Code Permits

Welcome to Bartlett! Our department issues permits for property improvements. There are certain restrictions and requirements for projects. The list below is information for those types of projects.


To install a new fence, add additional fence sections, replacing more than 50% of an existing fence, or change the location, type, or materials of a fence requires a permit. There are restrictions on fence height, setbacks from property lines, fencing materials, and drainage. Special restrictions apply to corner lots (a lot adjacent to two or more intersecting streets) and double frontage lots (lots with frontage on two non-intersecting streets). A site plan must accompany the permit application to show the location of where the fence will be placed on the property. 

New Structures

A building permit must be obtained for projects such as detached structures, carports, gazebos, pergolas, patio covers, wooden decks, greenhouses, ham radio antennas, etc. A site plan must accompany the permit application to show where the structure will be placed on the property. There are restrictions on location, height, and size. Permit fees vary depending on type, structure, and size.

Swimming Pools

A permit is required for installation of any swimming pool with a depth of 24 inches or greater. A site plan must accompany the permit application showing the location of where the pool will be installed. The proposed pool project is checked to determine compliance with the zoning ordinance setback requirements. A fence not less than 4 feet in height must surround the property or pool area and a self-latching closure on gates must be at least 4 feet above the ground. Permit fees are based on the cost of the pool.

Home Additions / Expandable Areas

Adding a room, garage or carport, enclosing a carport, remodeling to impact load-bearing walls, or making other changes in a space that will be attached or increase the living space of an existing house requires a building permit. A site plan must accompany the permit application as well as a floor drawing and/or an elevation drawing. Bartlett's zoning ordinance limits the amount of expansion possible to an existing house. Permit fees are determined on what type of project is being done.

Other Permits Required

Other projects such as water heaters, HVAC systems, & electrical work require permits. Permits for this type of work must be pulled by a licensed contractor. Permits are also required for siding, window replacement, concrete patio slabs, driveway extensions, new concrete walkways, etc. This list might not be all-inclusive and a site plan might be required. For additional information, please contact Code Enforcement at 901-385-6425.