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Want to know more about the Bartlett Rec Center / YMCA proposal?

Why is the City considering this option for the Rec Center?

Since COVID, the Rec Center has been in financial decline, with an average loss of $333,000 per year, and is on pace to lose ~$400,000 this fiscal year. Therefore, Rec Center management compiled a financial forecast to restore the economic health of the center. That proposal included increased membership rates, fees, and an anticipated membership boost. The results indicated that with those additions, the Rec Center could return to a revenue-neutral state by January 2029. Please review the included link for more information about the Rec Center proposal.

 BRC Presentation

As a result of the proforma, the Board of Mayor and Alderman wanted to explore options to reverse this trend, and the YMCA was presented as a potential alternative. 

 What happens next?

The Board of the Mayor and Alderman held a work session on December 12, 2023, at 4:00 pm to evaluate the financial health of the Rec Center and explore the possibility of the YMCA managing the facility. Based on the outcome of that work session, the City of Bartlett will host a Public Hearing on January 9, 2024, at 6:00 pm at City Hall, located at 6400 Stage Rd., to provide citizens with an opportunity to speak for or against the prospect of the YMCA managing the Rec Center. Afterward, the Board of Mayor and Alderman will vote to approve or deny the request for the YMCA to operate the facility. 

As a current member, what happens if the YMCA begins managing the facility? 
An overview is provided, and for more details, please review the included YMCA presentation. 

YMCA Partnership Presentation 

  • All membership rates and practices will remain the same. This includes rates for Bartlett residents, City of Bartlett employees, and Bartlett City School employees. 
  • An Advisory Board will be established to provide oversight and make recommendations about any future rate increases or changes to the existing membership practices. 
  • SilverSneakers will be offered at the Bartlett Rec Center. This service will be grandfathered into this location agreement.
  • All current programming will remain in place at the Rec Center. This includes pickleball, senior activities, member potlucks, youth programming, group exercise classes, and all other existing activities or events.
  • Members of the Bartlett YMCA will be allowed to use any YMCA in the Memphis & the Mid-South area.
  • Members of other local or national YMCA branch locations cannot use the Bartlett YMCA unless they are members of the Bartlett facility. 
  • The YMCA will immediately invest $400,000 into the facility to upgrade all strength, cardio, and programmatic equipment. 
  • The YMCA will partner with the City of Bartlett and invest $3 million into on a new summer outdoor experience (outdoor pool, expanded splash park, water slides, etc.) with an anticipated opening in the Summer of 2026.
  • The official transition to the YMCA would likely be complete by April 2024.

What happens to the current staff at the Rec Center?

All full-time, part-time, and contract employees at the Bartlett Rec Center will be offered employment at the Bartlett YMCA. Those employees will receive the same or higher pay to fill those positions. The details of the employee offerings are included: 


Team Members