Annexation Reserve

Annexation Reserve Overview

The city limits of Bartlett are periodically expanded by annexing land in the Bartlett Annexation Reserve. 

Annexation reserves for each city in Shelby County are established by written agreements among Bartlett, the City of Memphis, and the other five cities (Arlington, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland, and Millington). 

The Shelby County Annexation Reserves Map (PDF) shows annexation plans for the surrounding area.

See the Policy Plan (PDF) for Bartlett's annexation reserve north of the Loosahatchie River.

The only land in Shelby County that is NOT designated for future annexation by one of the cities is the area designated "Rural" under Tennessee's growth plan legislation, known as Public Chapter 1101. (One such rural area lies to the north of Bartlett's annexation reserve, east of Donnell Road.)