Grounds Maintenance

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What We Do: 

The Grounds Maintenance Division consists of 14 full time employees and during the summer months they may have an additional 12 to 15 seasonal employees. Some of the duties they a responsible for on a daily bases are:

  • Sweep all City streets
  • Cut the grass in the medians and along portions of the right-of-ways
  • Over sees the City's weed control program
  • Maintain detention/retention basins and other drainage ways
  • Pick up litter on and along the major roadways
  • Design, install and maintain irrigation systems at various City buildings
  • Design, plant and maintain flower beds at various City buildings and right-of-ways

 Please Don't Litter. Bartlett's Had Enough!

Please help us Keep Bartlett Beautiful.

Flower bed by the Bartlett Historic District Sign