Records Division

The Police Records Division maintains all accident and criminal incident reports for the City of Bartlett.

Public records requests may be made in person at the Justice Center, 3730 Appling Road, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Requests may also be made via telephone (901-385-5500) or email the Records Division.

General public records requests

  • $.015 per page of letter and legal-size documents. Minimum charge is $3.00.
  • $0.50 per page for color copies. Minimum charge is $3.00.
  • Any other mediums will be charged at cost.
  • When labor to retrieve, research, or redact is one hour or more, labor will be charged to the requester.
  • Proof of Tennessee residency is required to obtain copies of records.
  • Request for copies must be made in writing on this Public Records Request form (PDF).

Personal accident report requests

  • Any party involved in a motor vehicle accident report may request an unredacted copy of the report. This person must show their photo ID to receive the report.
  • An involved party's legal representative, attorney, or insurance agent may request an unredacted copy of the accident report with a signed copy of this Accident Report form (PDF).
  • If you do not have permission from a party involved in the accident via the above form, you will receive a copy without any personally identifying information of those involved.
  • Personally identifying information includes street addresses and zip codes, telephone numbers, driver license numbers, and insurance information.