Police cars parked in front of the Police StationThe City of Bartlett is an equal opportunity employer.

All applicants for employment must obtain an application from: Department of Personnel

6400 Stage Road, Bartlett, Tennessee, 38134

and return to the same location. Applications may be obtained by writing to the Department of Personnel along with a self-addressed stamped envelope or you can download an application.

Every effort is made to accommodate out of town applicants during the testing process. These applications are accepted during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8a-5p, and maintained on file until the next testing date. Once a testing date is set, notification is published on this website via Jobs and in various other online publications to include the Indeed website. If an application is already on file, there is no need to duplicate it. A letter is sent to those applicants expressing a desire for employment advising them of the testing date and time as well as advising what documentation is required.

Experience credit is given at the discretion of the Chief of Police and the Director of Personnel. In addition, extra points are given during the testing process for education, experience and military service.

Minimum Requirements are as follows for the following positions: