Reserve Unit

TRAINING ROOM RESERVESCitizens Become Reserve Officers

The City of Bartlett Police Department has been extremely fortunate to have citizens willing to give up their time to their community by becoming reserve police officers who receive no pay. These officers must meet all the testing requirements as for regular officers, and must, on their own time, attend the same basic police academy. The academy usually consists of 160 hours, meeting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, from 6 pm to 10 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm. Upon completion of the police academy, these officers, just as regular officers, are then required to work with a Field Training Officer, for approximately 360 hours.

 The unit is coordinated by Captain Eric Leppanen.

After Training

Upon successful completion of the FTO program, their function is the same as a paid officer, riding as a district car, patrolling and answering citizen's calls for service with a full-time officer. In addition, these dedicated individuals handle many of the special events such as football and basketball games, the Fall Festival and any other events which require police personnel, saving taxpayers many dollars annually, and allowing paid personnel to take time off which would be difficult without these additional personnel to fill their slots. Presently, there are 6 reserve officers. Due to the fact that these officers are considered for full time employment when a position becomes available, many of the full time officers presently employed by the City of Bartlett began their careers in law enforcement in a reserve program.

Any candidate who may be interested in serving as a reserve officer and has the time to dedicate to the required training, please check the employment opportunities page for the requirements. Applications are accepted year round.

If you are interested in serving the citizens of Bartlett as a reserve police officer, please contact the Reserve Coordinator via email. Reserve Coordinator Officer Stan Hanskiewicz.