Canine Unit

K9_New The Bartlett Police Department currently operates three Canine Teams. Each team consists of a canine handler and a dual-purpose trained canine.

The canines are utilized for narcotics or explosives detection and patrol work. This consists of searching for and locating illegal drugs, tracking, evidence searches, building and suspect searches, and criminal apprehension. Whenever the department's canines are not on the job they reside with their handler, making for a full-time partnership.

The Bartlett Police Department's canine program uses Belgian Malinois exclusively. This breed has a proven record of intelligence, bravery, and athletic ability. Their extreme sense of smell, alertness, and loyalty to their handler make them a valuable asset in times of danger.

If you would like to contact us about our canine unit, please email Captain Patrick Cici or Lieutenant David Hines.

Officer Schaumburg and K9 Officer Ali


Officer Maliskas and K9 Officer Bono


Officer Knight and K9 Officer Jax


Officer Meadows and K9 Officer Athos