City Ordinances

City Codified Ordinances

The City's laws have been indexed by topic and compiled in the Codified Ordinances. This is the most current version of the Codified Ordinances. It is current as of October 2018.
If you have a question regarding Bartlett's ordinances, please contact the City Clerk Penny Medlock at 901-385-6449 or via email. If you have received an ordinance violation/ citation, please contact Code Enforcement Director Jim Brown at 385-6425 or via email.

Alcoholic Beverages

 Liquor and Beer Codified Ordinances

For 2018 Beer Ordinance Amendments, click here

Animal Control

 Animal Control Codified Ordinances
In addition to the City's ordinances, the State Legislature passed a Private Act establishing an Animal Control program in the City of Bartlett.

Building, Utility & Etc. Codes

 Building, Utility, Etc. Codes & Ordinances
The following codes have been updated as following:

Businesses and Solicitors

 Business, Peddlers, Solicitors, Etc. Codified Ordinances

Boards and Commissions

 Boards and Commissions Codified Ordinances

City Court

 Municipal Court Codified Ordinances


Electricity and Gas

Electricity and Gas Codified Ordinances

Finance & Taxation

 Municipal Finance and Taxation Codified Ordinances

Fire Protection and Fireworks

 Fire Protection and Fireworks Codified Ordinances

General Administration

 General Administration Codified Ordinances

Land Use Control and Signs

 Land Use Control and Signs Ordinances

Law Enforcement

 Law Enforcement Codified Ordinances

Motor Vehicle, Traffic and Parking

 Motor Vehicle, Traffic and Parking Codified Ordinances

Municipal Offenses

 Municipal Offenses Codified Ordinances

Municipal Personnel

 Municipal Personnel Codified Ordinances

Property Maintenance

 Property Maintenance Codified Ordinances

Streets and Sidewalks

 Streets and Sidewalks Codified Ordinances

Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision Regulations

For questions regarding the Subdivision Regulations, please contact the Engineering Department at 385-6499.


Trash & Refuse Disposal

Trash and Refuse Disposal

Water & Sewer Systems

 Water and Sewers Codified Ordinances
For current water and sewer rates, click here.

Zoning Ordinances

 Zoning Ordinances
For questions regarding the Zoning Ordinance, please contact the Planning Department at 385-6417 or email Kim Taylor.


 Miscellaneous Codified Ordinances