Safety and Fire Prevention Tips

Tornado Prepardness FYI

The recent tornadoes that devastated part of Memphis and Shelby County serve as a reminder that we are approaching tornado season. Although tornadoes can occur any time…March through May is considered peak tornado season.

Tornadoesare one of nature's most violent storms. They can generate winds of up to 300 miles per hour and can cause a path of destruction a mile wide and several miles long. No one is immune…everyone is at risk.

"Being prepared" is the single most important thing you can do to protect your family when severe weather threatens. Knowing where to go…and ….what to do… may mean the difference between weathering the storm and suffering a loss.

At the approach of severe weather, listen to your local radio and television stations for the latest weather information. Know the warnings associated with severe weather.

  • A "watch" means that the conditions are favorable for a tornado.
  • A "warning" means that a tornado has been spotted and may be headed in your direction. Go to your safe are immediately.
  • If you are outside or away from home, the local civil defense sirens will sound when a tornado warning is issued. Seek shelter immediately.

We have put together a short list of things that you can do to help protect and provide for your family. Before a tornado hits…is the time to prepare.

First...pick a place where your family can gather if a tornado is spotted in your area. If you don't have a basement in your home,……. a center hallway, interior bathroom, laundry room or closet, on the lowest level away from windows, is the best place to go. Make sure everyone knows that this is where to go when a storm approaches.

Next…A battery powered transistor radio, with extra batteries, should be kept in or near your safe room to monitor local radio stations for weather updates and advisories.

Have your emergency kit ready. It may be a few hours or several days before emergency crews can reach you. Be prepared to take care of yourself until help arrives. Have enough food, water and supplies in your kit to support your family for at least three days.

Lastly, conduct drills with your family in your home. Make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do in case of severe weather.

If you are away from home, seek shelter inside the basement or interior room of any available building… on the lowest level…away from windows… and lie flat on the floor. As a last resort lie flat in a ditch or low lying area with your hands covering your head. Never stay in your car during a tornado warning....a tornado can toss a car around like a toy. Get out of your car immediately and find shelter.

If your need further information on putting together a disaster preparedness kit for your home or need help in finding the best place in your home to use as your safe room , simply stop by, call 385-5536 for your neighborhood fire station or email the Fire Marshall or email the Deputy Fire Marshall and we will be glad to assist.