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Crime Report

Week of August 18, 2008



A harassment report was taken from the victim.  She claims that the suspect is continually calling her phone and leaving messages. 



A theft of a computer LCD screen was taken from the gas pumps at 7049 St Elmo.   



An alleged rape was reported by the victim on Curley Bark. 



A violation of an order of protection was reported by the victim on Sycamore hill.



A theft was reported at HQ when the victim reported that his .22 caliber revolver was missing from his night stand.   



Harassing phone calls were reported at Colton’s Steakhouse, 8030 Hwy 64. 



A fraud was reported by the victim who advised that someone had written checks on her and her husband’s bank account. 



An auto theft was reported by the victim on Mercury Cove. 



A vandalism was reported on Aspenhill by the victim  



An auto burglary was reported by the victim on Sprucehill.



An auto burglary was reported at Walmart, 8400 Hwy 64 by the victim.  



An animal bite was reported at St Francis hospital that occurred on Domino Cove.  The dog was quarantined by animal control.



An attempted burglary was reported on Crowell Cove by the homeowner.  



Several mailbox vandalisms were reported on Star Valley.     



A custody/civil matter report was filed regarding the custody of child age 14.  Both parties were told to abide by the conditions within the divorce decree.



A road rage incident was reported at 5996 Memphis Arlington (Fire Station # 2) when the victim/suspect reported that he had problems with a driver.  



An auto burglary was reported at 8274 Hwy 64 by the victim.



An auto burglary was reported at Walmart, 8400 Hwy 64, by the victim.  



A theft of a ladder and a 4 wheel dolly was reported by the victim on North Chatham Pond. 



An auto burglary was reported at Abuelo’s, 8174 Hwy 64, by the victim



A theft of an auto was reported at 7535 Bartlett Corporate Drive by the victim.   



A Found Property report was filed on Lacasa by the complainant.  He found a purple bicycle in his front yard a few days ago.  He put up flyers in the neighborhood but no one has claimed the bike.  Bike was put on the impound lot at HQ.



A fraud report was filed by the victim who advised that he received a letter stating that a purchase he made to Harbor Freight Tools in California had been declined.  He contacted American Express and three more charges had been attempted.  Nobody else has his card number.



A domestic disturbance was reported on N Sungate Circle by the complainant.  He advised that he and his mother were arguing and she pushed him.  She stated that they were arguing and Zach shoved her.  No marks on either party. 



A vandalism was reported at 2966 Elmore Park (Post Office) by the victim.  She advised that someone shattered her passenger side window and put two dents in the side of her car.  The damage to the car was consistent with someone trying to pry the door open.  Entry was not made.



Harassing phone calls was reported by the victim.  She stated that her stepson is calling and threatening her and her husband because they took his cell phone away.



A theft of a debit card was reported at HQ by the victim.   She had a party at her home and a man found her wallet in her front yard.  She noticed the next day that several charges were made on her card without her consent. 



A vandalism report was filed at the MLG&W station, 5127 Germantown Road.  A John Deere tractor was found to have 2 broken headlights, a broken taillight, broken brake light and 2 broken flashing lights.  No suspects.



Gang graffiti was found in the rear of Fred’s at 6064 Stage Road.  Officers observed and identified it but was unsure how long it had been there.



A fraud was reported by the victim.  She advised that someone charged $103 on her account without her knowledge.



RUNAWAY- A F/W ran away from her home on Lauren Ashley Cove after a fight with her parents about her skipping school.




An attempted aggravated burglary was reported in the area of 3600 Tiffany Oaks by the homeowner.  While she was in her home someone shattered the glass on the door in an attempt to gain entry into the house.  Two juveniles were arrested. 



An assault occurred on Post Elm at the Volunteers of America.  The complainant reported that one of the mentally challenged clients had been assaulted by a staff member.



A fraud was reported by the victim after he was contacted by First Tennessee Loss Prevention concerning purchases made on his account.  Three charges were made using a counterfeit card. 



A fraud/forgery report was taken from the victim who advised that her daughter’s purse was stolen in Germantown and that they were using her ID and cashing the checks in Bartlett at the Bartlett Bank Center.  She has also filed a report in Germantown.



A domestic assault occurred on Abington Woods between the victim and her husband. 



A fraud report was filed by the victim at Brad’s BBQ.  He said that he received a returned fake payroll check bearing the name of Brads BBQ.      



After a disturbance at Waffle House, the suspect was given a Criminal Trespass warning.


0808200021   A robbery was reported on Foggy River by the victim. 



A theft report was filed by UPS at 3101 New Brunswick Rd regarding someone picking up over $2000 in faucets.  A call tag was left at the address and someone who claimed to be affiliated with the business came and picked the items up.



A fraud report was taken from the victim. He advised that someone passed a fraudulent check on his Suntrust account.



A domestic disturbance was reported by the complainant.  She advised that she and her husband.  They are still married but separated.   Verbal only- no physical violence.



A theft of an air compressor, air tools, and an extension cord was reported on Forrest Circle by the homeowner.  The items were taken from his shed in the back of his house.  No suspects.



A harassment report was taken from the victim.  She advised that her ex-husband has been continually calling and threatening her. She keeps changing her phone number but he manages to get the new one.



A missing person was reported on Bourne when the complainant advised that her son left and has not returned.  She stated that he left on 08/20/08 at approx 0600 on a bus to go to the Welfare Office and she has not heard from him since.



A found property report was taken on Shady Oaks from the homeowner when he reported that a Schwinn Falcon bicycle had been sitting in front of his residence for 3 weeks.  Bike was placed on the impound lot.



A harassment report was taken from the complainant who advised that her daughter’s boyfriend is leaving threatening messages on her cell phone.