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Crime Report

Week of 090108



An assault was reported at HQ by the victim.  He advised that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend had assaulted him while they were at a house on Gailyn.   



A vandalism was reported at St Francis hospital by the victim.   Someone cut the brake lines on her car.



A theft of controlled substances was reported by St Francis  Hospital.   



A harassment was reported at HQ by the complainant.



A fraud was reported by the victim at HQ.  He advised that he was approached by a male on the lot of 5949 Stage Road who said that he needed a hotel.  They drove off together and ended up with another male and both convinced the victim to withdraw $7000 to match the $10,000 that they allegedly had to invest.   They snatched his money out of the center console and the victim was able to provide a description of the red Chevy Impala that they might have left the parking lot in. 



A theft was reported by the victim on Trent Cove.  She advised that her red wallet was taken from her purse by the suspect.  Total amount of property missing is $150.



Two juveniles were given criminal trespass warning to the vacant house on Fiske Road. 



A stolen license plate was reported on Aspenhill.



A civil matter (child custody) was reported by the complainant.



An auto burglary was reported at 8300 Hwy 64 ( Lowe’s) by the victim.



A license plate was stolen on Bartlett View by unknown persons.



A domestic disturbance was reported at 6412 Newstone by the victim.  Verbal only.



A harassment report was filed by the victim at 5736 Stage Road( Cinemagic).  He advised that his fiancé’s ex-boyfriend threatened him in the parking lot. 



A vandalism was reported at 5380 Stage Road( Jehovah’s Witness) by the victim.  He advised that someone had spray painted all over his 2005 Nissan Altima.  No witnesses.



An aggravated burglary was reported on Yale Road by the victim.  He advised that someone entered his home by damaging the front door and took his Flat screen TV, Playstation 2 and 10 games, a double bladed sword, and several boxes of 9mm rounds.  Detectives were able to lift some prints from the door and the computer monitor.



A theft was reported at Longhorns, 8324 Hwy 64, of cash, a blackberry Curve phone and set of keys to a Mustang by the victim.  He advised that she laid her work apron down on the table and when she came back the items were missing.  The only people in the place after closing were the employees.



Damage to a gas tank was reported on Inniswood by the victim.  She reported that someone punctured the gas tank in her 2008 Ford Expedition.



A theft from a construction site was reported at 7386 Memphis Arlington by the supervisor.  He advised that someone took several pieces of equipment from a secured closet.  No serial numbers available.



A theft of a license plate was reported on East Lake Oaks by the victim.



A theft of jewelry was reported on Forrest Oasis by the victim.  He advised that the value of the jewelry was $3500.  He had a party and had several people in the house as well as a man that cleaned the house earlier in the day.



An unauthorized use of a debit card was reported on Stage Road by the victim. He advised that an unknown person withdrew $240.33 from his Bank of America account and paid and AT&T bill. 



A theft of water was reported on Ashland Grove by the victim. He reported that the construction workers on Ashland Grove were using his water and leaving it on.  The supervisor was contacted and the homeowner will be reimbursed.



A mailbox was vandalized in the area of Summerdale when someone cracked an egg on the top of the victim’s brick mailbox.



A harassment report was filed by the complainant when her daughter received an obscene text message from man that she met on Facebook. 



An attempted aggravated burglary was reported on Ackerman when the neighbor saw a young male black attempting to open the side door of the residence.  Officers arrived and observed the door partially open and the homeowner said that nothing appeared to be missing.  Later, the son of the homeowner said that he has been having trouble with a subject that lives in the area.



A theft was reported at Dollar Tree, 6035 Stage Road, of a wallet from an employee’s locker. 



A theft was reported at Walmart by the loss prevention officer.  He reported that a male had some work done on a car in the back of the store and then went around to the front and walked out of the store with a computer monitor. 



Officers responded to 6774 Oakmoor Cir. and found and arrested a male for a violation of an order of protection.  The victim further advised officers that her family dog had been poisoned and that she believes the arrested suspect is responsible for it.



Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 8239 Blue Lagoon where the victim/complainant advised his/her son/suspect forced his way into the residence, took some belongings, and damaged several pieces of household property.



Officers responded to a property damage complaint at Lambert Memorial located at 8283 Ellis where the owner advised unknown persons(s) uprooted a bush on the property.



Officers took a civil matter report where the complainant alleges that she found a razor blade in her take out order of food from a local restaurant.  The complainant received a refund and filed the report.



Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 8500 block of Lee Oaks Cv. where both parties alleged each was assaulted by the other.  Due to conflicting allegations and no signs of physical injury a primary aggressor could not be determined.