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Crime Report

Week of 091508



A domestic disturbance was reported at Bartlett Heights by the victim.  He advised that his ex-wife came by to pick up their son for visitation and took the child early.  Officers spoke with her and she was going to take him to dinner and then to his grandmother’s house.



A vandalism report was taken from the victim on Mimosa Hill.  He advised that someone had gained access to his house and spray painted the entire interior of the house. 



A domestic disturbance was reported at Walmart concerning a cashier and her boyfriend.  An argument began inside the store and then they went outside.  Verbal only.



A harassment report was taken from the victim who advised that a carpenter had been doing work for her at her home on Cherryhill.  She stated that he continues to call her and wants him to get his tools from the house and not come back.  He was given a criminal trespass warning and left the property.



A suspicious person was reported in the area of 6800 Pecan Hill.  Officers observed a male Hispanic walking down the road with a book bag and a suitcase.  It was determined that

The male and his mother were arguing about money he walked out.  Scratches were on both parties but the primary aggressor could not be determined.  He left with a friend of the family for the night.



A fraud was reported by the victim when he discovered that someone had used his debit card several times online by two people in Atlanta, GA.  His account has since been closed.



A harassment complaint was filed by the victim for his son.  



A theft was reported by the victim on  Anna Calla of an Xbox 360.  She advised that she was gone about 3 hours on Saturday and the game box was gone when she returned.  She suspects some of her son’s friend’s.  She is trying to get more information on the kids.



A shoplifting complaint was filed by Circle K at 2735 Kirby Whitten Road when a customer walked out with a six pack of BudLite beer.  All the clerk saw was the back of two white male’s heads.



A theft of 2 lion statues was reported on Pip’s Ridge by the homeowner.  Estimated value is $250.



An auto burglary was reported at Advanced Auto Parts by the victim.  She advised that when she got to work she rushed out of her car and left her purse and keys in the car with the windows rolled partially down.  When she went back in a short while, the purse and keys were gone.



A domestic disturbance was reported on Spotted Fawn by the victim.  He advised that his girlfriend was trying to choke him as she threw his clothes over the balcony.  They were arguing over the house payment.  A juvenile daughter of the female said that Williams was trying to choke Thomas when she was throwing his clothes around.



A domestic disturbance was reported at HQ. The victim advised that he was picking up his children and got into an argument with his ex-wife. 



A fraud was reported at Mapco, 6859 Hwy 70, when a male attempted to purchase beer with a fake Driver’s license. 



A domestic disturbance between 2 brothers was reported on Diplomat.  The brothers were arguing over the girlfriend of one of the boys and alcohol was involved.



An information report was taken from the victim.  He advised that his ex-wife has been driving past his house and he thinks that she may have keys to his house.  They have been divorced since August 2007 and she frequents his house to pick the children up.  She has not made any threats but he fears her due to the fact that she is an alcoholic.



A theft in progress was reported at Aldi’s, 2867 Kirby Whitten Road.  The manager observed 2 male blacks enter the store and he recognized them from a prior theft.  He observed one of the males to place a package of ribs under his shirt but removed them when he noticed the manager watching him.  The two males left the area in a Gray Dodge Dynasty.



A harassment/domestic was reported in the area of 6300 Needleridge  by the victim. She advised that her ex-boyfriend has been stalking and harassing her for the past month.  He has tracked her down while she was running, he forced his way into her parent’s house and assaulted her by pushing her down and is sending her threatening text messages.  Witnesses are available and the parents wish to seek charges.



A theft was reported at Fred’s Dollar Store, 6064 Stage Road by the store manager.   He advised that he was in the parking lot and observed 2 heavy set female blacks exit the store and the security alarm was going off.  He asked them to return to the store and they refused and left in a white Chevy Malibu. He stated that both females had large shoulder bags but it unknown what was taken. 



A report of threatening text messages was reported by the victim’s mother  She advised that her daughter is receiving threatening messages from someone at school.



A fraud report was taken from the victim on Summerdale.  She advised that her Mastercard and First Tennessee account numbers have been used online without her knowledge and he still has the cards.  It is unknown how the cards were compromised.



A harassment report was taken at HQ from the victim.  She advised that her daughter is harassing her over a home that was inherited.



A report of a missing mailbox and cedar post was taken from the victim on Westbrook.  No suspects.



A fraud report was taken from the victim, owner of Memphis Smokehouse.  She advised that someone had created several checks to her business and cashed them.  Total amount of the checks is $10,259.59.



A suspicious circumstances report was taken at HQ when a complainant reported that a male came into his business and told him that he could get TVs for $300 each.  He gave the man $900 and took him to Walmart and he went in and returned.



A theft was reported in the area of Maher Trail by the victim.  He advised that sometime over the weekend someone took $4500 in cash and 1,000 gift cards to Varsity Gold out of the glovebox to his car.  He advised that he and his wife are going through a divorce and she was moving items out of the house with some help but she denies any knowledge of the missing items.



A domestic disturbance was reported on Darolyn by the homeowners.  They advised that their son came by and was getting some of his clothes and was asking for money.  He refused to leave.   Police were called, he left the residence, and no charges were filed.



A report was taken from the victim in regards to his ex-girlfriend violating an order of protection.  She is sending him emails and he wants it to stop.



A theft was reported at Bartlett Nursery at 7157 Summer Avenue.  The owner reported that an employee said that he lost their gas card and there have been several charges on it since he said that he lost it.



Three checks were cashed at Four Way Liquor that came back to the store as counterfeit checks.  Both were payroll checks and ID and prints were taken on both checks.  One was from Dollar Tree and the other two were from Banquet and Court.



A fraud was reported on Jane Marie Cove by the victim.  He advised that he received several phone calls from a male claiming to be his grandson and claiming to be in jail in Montreal, Canada.  Mr. Adams wired the male a total of $11,608.83.  He contacted his actual grandson in Alabama and he was fine and was not in jail.




A theft was reported at Shadowlawn Middle School located at 4734 Shadowlawn Rd. where an Epson LCD projector was reported stolen from a classroom.  The school could not provide a serial number and there are no suspects.


0809170006 Theft-Auto

On Wednesday 9/17/08 between the hours of 1000-1300 the complainant/victim reported his/her black ’06 Mercedes bearing TN 129-LYG was stolen from his/her residence located in the 5000 block of Bristol Woods.  There are no suspects and the vehicle was entered stolen into NCIC.


0809170011 Theft-Employee

A theft was reported at the McDonalds located at 8062 Highway 64 where two employee’s “everywhere pay card” were stolen and later fraudulently used at two area service stations were the transactions totaled $218.51.


0809170013 Fraud

The Victim/Complainant reported unknown suspect(s) gained access to his/her Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union debit card number and made a fraudulent transaction for $46.94.


0809170014 Theft-Shoplifting

A Theft/Shoplifting was reported at the Schnucks located at 2942 Kirby-Whitten where a M/B described as being 5’7”-5’10” tall, medium build, attempted to push a cart of groceries valued at $250.33 out of the store after passing all points of sale.  Store management attempted to stop the suspect who walked to the Schnucks express where he was picked up by a second M/B suspect driving a Blue Chrysler 4dr sedan.


0809170016 Assault

The Victim/Complainant reported that he/she was allegedly assaulted in front of his/her residence located in the 3400 block of Post Elm.  The Victim/Complainant advised his/her son has been threatened by the Suspect and when asked to leave the suspect allegedly punched him/her in the face.


0809170022 Theft O/$1000-Business

The Victim/Complainant reported that he/she believes his/her .40cal handgun and a laptop computer were allegedly stolen at an area business located in the 6800 block of Stage Rd.


0809170023 Assault-Domestic Violence

The Victim/Complainant alleges he/she was assaulted by the father/mother of his/her child at the Walgreens located at 6697 Stage Rd.


0809180001 Assault

Victim/Complainant alleges that a co-worker assaulted him/her while both were working at the Suburban Lodge located at 7380 Highway 64.