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Crime Report

Week of 092208



A fraud was reported by the victim at HQ.  He advised that he was contacted by Discover Card Services and asked if he used his credit card at Walmart at 8400 Hwy 64 in Bartlett for an amount of $ 761.47.  He advised that he had not used his card since 9/14/08 when he had dinner at Logan’s on Winchester. 



A domestic fight was reported by the victim on Bardstown.  He advised that his step-daughter called and asked him to come over because her step-brother was there and was very intoxicated and irate.  He went over and got into a fight with him and was struck in the face.  Suspect left the scene on foot. 



A report of threatening/harassing phone calls was taken in the 5100 block of Kings Oasis Way from the victim.  She advised that a caller claiming to be  her ex-boyfriend, said he was going to kill her the next time he saw her.  She does fear for her safety due to past violence.



A violation of a protection order was reported on Bartlett Heights Drive  by the victim..  She advised that she saw the suspect near the dumpster behind the apartments.  She had an order that expired on September 6, 2008 and she is not sure if the new order has been served yet.  Officers checked the dumpster and found a bag that contained a gag made from a trash bag and a sock and a pair of wet jeans.



Officers received a call on Stonehill on a disturbance between roommates.  Officers detected a smell of marijuana in the house and received a consent to search the house.  A search revealed a loaded black Ruger under the bed of one of the roommates with the serial number scratched off.  Aldridge claimed the weapon but claimed that he bought it for $300 from a person he does not know.


0809200015   .

A domestic assault was reported on Clair Dowie Cove by the victim.  She advised that her brother assaulted her by hitting her in the ear with a closed fist.  He was mad because she woke him up and was tearing the phone lines out of the walls and knocking pictures off the walls.



RUNAWAYS- Officers received a call to 7410 Memphis Arlington, Boys Town in regards to 2 runaways.  An Aaron Smith and Joseph Robert D. Loveless left the home on 09/20/08 around 2330 hours by climbing out the window of the cottage.  



A vandalism report was taken from Bartlett Public Works concerning the water tower at 5727 Woodlawn.  It was reported that someone cut the fence and wrote on the tower with a magic marker.  No suspects.



A 12 foot single axle trailer was stolen from Riveria Pools/Spa at 2851 Shelby Street.  The trailer was parked behind the business.  It is described as a steel utility trailer with expanded metal sides and a wood bottom.  No serial number available.



An attempted aggravated burglary was reported in the 5700 block of Elmore Road by the victim.  He advised that the alarm company called him and said his alarm was going off and he thought his children set it off.  He made the scene at his house and found his front door kicked in.  Nothing was missing and he thinks that he alarm and his dog scared the intruders away.



A domestic disturbance was reported on Francis Wood by the complainant.  She advised that she and her boyfriend were arguing over her 17 year old daughter using the car.  Verbal only.



A fraud was reported by the victim on Bright Star.  She advised that used her debit card without her knowledge.  The card has been cancelled but was used at several locations.



A theft report was filed in the 6000 block of Stage Road by the victim  He advised that someone had entered he and his wife’s locked desks and took checks from 3 business accounts.  The desks were forcibly opened.         


0809220003   A report was filed by the victim on Memphis Arlington on an auto burglary.  He advised that his 2007 Ford Escape was broken into sometime between 2100 hours on 9/21 and 0600 hours on 9/22/08.  His front passenger window had been smashed and his wallet containing 4 credit cards was taken.  



A theft was reported in the 5600 block of Stage Road by the victim.  She advised that someone had stolen 3 prescriptions from her center console without her knowledge.    Her vehicle was unlocked. 



A vandalism to a vehicle was reported by the victim, Lisa Miller, at Rivercrest Elementary School.  She advised that her rear passenger window had been broken out.  There were several juveniles throwing rocks in the area earlier.



An assault was reported at Baptist Minor Med by the victim.  She advised that she and another coworker had gotten into an argument at Varsity Sports and he pushed her down.  She received injuries to her foot and received treatment at the clinic.


08092300020/ 0809230021  

A theft and unauthorized use of an auto was reported by the victim of  Caraway Cove.  She advised that a friend had been using her car to transport from her old house and she has not returned the vehicle.  She has not heard from her since 9/18/08. 

Beeson also advised that several items were missing from her apartment and she suspects her ex-boyfriend of taking the items.  He was the only other person to have a key and her laptop, an Ipod, and a GPS unit are all missing from the den area.



Victim/Complainant alleges that his/her ex-boy/girlfriend has sent him/her text messages threatening to harm him/her.  Both parties used to reside together in the 6900 block of Clover Hill Cv.



Victim was involved in a vehicle crash in the 8400 block of Highway 64, transported to an area hospital, and requested his firearm be held at the police department for safe keeping.  The victim held a valid Tennessee Firearm Carry Permit.



Victim/Complainant advised that unknown suspect(s) obtained his/her Bank of America Visa check card number and have made several alleged fraudulent transactions.



Victim/Complainant advised he/she last used his/her First Tennessee check card at Applebee’s restaurant located at 2890 Bartlett Blvd and later discovered that several alleged fraudulent transactions had been made after he/she left the Applebee’s.



On 9/24/08 officers responded to a domestic violence call in the 3000 block of Lauren where husband and wife allege each assaulted the other.  Scene officers could not determine a primary aggressor.



On 9/25/08 victim/complainant alleged a green SUV bearing TN 085-LTP was driving recklessly in the area of Old Brownsville & Blackwell.  The vehicle was no longer in the area when patrol officers arrived.  A preliminary investigation revealed the registered owner to have a suspended TN driver license.



Victim/Complainant alleges unknown suspect(s) obtained his/her USAA Savings bank credit card number and made several fraudulent transactions via the internet.



On 9/25/08 officers responded to 6924 Clover Hill Cv. in regards to a civil matter where the complainant needed a police escort to retrieve his/hers personal belongings from the residence.



On 9/25/08 officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 5000 block of Sawyer Lake Dr. in where a husband and wife alleged each assaulted the other.  Scene officers could not determine a primary aggressor.  Both parties were separated for the night.