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Crime Report

Week 10/03/08



A domestic assault was reported by the victim in the area of 8300 Bon Lin.  He advised that his girlfriend accused him of starting at another girl and a verbal argument turned physical.  He stated that she slapped in 12 times in the face and then broke away from him and threw a beer bottle at him and missed.  She was gone when officers arrived.  Officers did observe bruising and swelling around his face.



An aggravated robbery was reported after the complainant noticed that someone had made withdrawals to her checking account in the amount of $301.75.  She called her son to ask if he had done it and he said no.  Later in the day, a friend stated that he had done it when he was robbed the night before.  She said that he had snuck out of their house to meet a girl and was robbed by a M/B with a gun.  He said that he did not have enough money so he went back into the house and got the victim’s credit card.  He went to Walmart market withdrew some money.  He said that he was too scared to report it.       



A theft was reported at Kroger, 5995 Stage Road, by an employee.  He advised that he witnessed 1 M/H and 2 F/W steal a potted plant worth $24.99.  The left the scene in a four door Cadillac.



A harassment report was filed by the complainant for her daughter.  She advised that her daughter was walking home from school towards their address on Rabbit Chase and a white truck with tinted windows began yelling vulgar things at her.  The vehicle was  occupied by 2 M/W. 



A fraud was reported by the victim who stated that someone had used his new Discover credit card without his consent. He said it was on the counter at his residence and now it was missing.  His roommate is a suspect.



A theft of a license plate was reported at HQ.  The victim had no idea where the tag might have been taken.  Tag was entered NCIC.



A fraud was reported at HQ by the victim.  He advised that someone was using his debit card and his PIN # in Missouri to make several purchases without his consent.  Total amount of the purchases is $1186.73.



A theft was reported on Stage Road by the victim.  She advised that someone had taken her son’s PSP from his bedroom windowsill.  The window was locked when they left and when they returned a while later it was shut but unlocked and the game system was gone. 



A theft of a license plate was reported at 8500 Hwy 64 by the victim.  She advised she had no idea when her license plate might have been taken.  Tag  was entered NCIC#.



A vandalism was reported by the victim of the 6100 block of  Elmore.  She advised that someone damaged a wooden post and a small section of fence along the driveway.  A “Saturn” emblem and several small pieces of grey or silver pieces of a vehicle were located.  No witnesses or suspects.



A suspicious circumstances report was filed by the victim.  She advised that she was walking across the parking lot near the Dollar Tree when a red truck started coming at her.  The male white driver started yelling obscenities at her about being a terrorist.  Witnesses verified the story but no one was able to get a tag to the truck. 



A theft of a license plate was reported by the victim at the Longhorn Steakhouse.  License plate was entered NCIC.



A domestic complaint was reported at on Robin Hop by the victim who stated that her husband had slapped her across the face.  She said that they were arguing and he slapped her with the back of his hand across the mouth.   No marks were observed.



The victim/complainant believes their wallet was stolen at the Wal-Mart located at 8400 Highway 64 by a M/B he/she was helping get an item from a store shelf.  The victim advised the wallet contained $100 in cash plus personal documents.



On 10/5/08 at approximately 1424hrs officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 3729 Lauren where victim/complainant stated her ex-spouse of 11 years broke into his/her residence by prying open an exterior window and threatening him/her with a knife.  The victim told the suspect to leave the residence where he/she allegedly threatened to kill him/her.  The suspect gathered some belongings at the residence and left the scene in a white Chevy Silverado pick up truck.



A domestic disturbance was reported on Autumn Glen Cove by the victim.  He advised that he and his wife were in a verbal disagreement when she stated throwing things at his car.  She threw a scooter at the car causing the windshield to shatter.  Officers spoke with her and observed her to be highly intoxicated.  No physical assault occurred.  They are currently still married but divorcing.



Natural death



The complainant alleges he/she is being harassed by the suspect who used to date his/hers child’s parent.  Scene officers spoke to all parties involved and all agreed to avoid each other.



The victim/complainant found two fraudulent transactions had taken place against her Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union bank account. There are no suspects and the victim was refunded the lost money by the bank.



On 10/6/08 officers responded to the 8900 block of Bristol Park in the Legends of Wolfchase apartment complex where the complainant alleged their spouse has been abusing the family pet.  On scene investigation found no evidence of abuse to the family pet.  The complainant has been diagnosed as being bi-polar and has made similar unfounded allegations against the spouse in the past.



A theft of a stock GMC pick-up truck rim with a Ameritrac General Tire (p245/70/R17) was reported stolen from a 2008 GMC truck that was on the lot of Sunrise Pontiac located at 8500 Highway 64.



The youth minister at Decatur Trinity Church located at 2449 Altruria found a orange Mongoose bike on the lot.  The bike was taken by scene officers and placed on the impound lot.



The manager of Star Bucks Coffee shop located at 7610 Highway 70 reported that unknown suspects vandalized an outdoor patio table by burning a hole in the center of it



On 10/06/08 officers flagged down at Kirby-Whitten & Yale Rd by the complainant regarding a criminal trespassing complaint at his/her residence located in the 3900 block of Robin Hill Dr. where the suspect was at her residence possibly abusing drugs with his/her son/daughter.  Scene officers located the suspect in the 3900 block Robin Hill Dr. and issued a criminal trespass warning.



On 10/06/08 officers responded to the Schnucks located at 2942 Kirby-Whitten regarding a M/W who attempted to shoplift merchandise from the store.  Prior to arrival of officers Schnucks management attempted to detain the M/W who left the scene in a small green sports car bearing AR license plate 632NGS.



The complainant reported that they lost their Department of Treasury identification badge approximately six months ago.



The complainant recovered a NEXT brand bike on the riding trails at Stinky Creek Park located at Yale & Memphis-Arlington.  The bike was placed on the BPD impound lot.



The victim/complainant advised that unknown suspects obtained his/her Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union bank account number and made a fraudulent transaction in Indianapolis IN.



The victim/complainant advised unknown person stole personal belongings from his/her backpack at Bartlett High School located at 5688 Woodlawn.



On 10/06/08 officers responded to a disturbance in the 3700 block of Russell Hurst where the suspect allegedly attempted to gain entry into the residence which belongs to his ex-spouse.  Scene officers advised the suspect he had to leave the property.



The complainant alleged that her purse was damaged during a traffic stop where police searched her vehicle at Stage & Sycamore View.  The complainant could not remember the officers names and did not want to file a formal complaint but wanted a report on file.