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Crime Report

Week 10/13/08 



The victim reported that between 10/09/08-10/10/08 unknown suspect(s) stole a television from his residence located in the 3400 block of Old Brownsville.



On 10/10/08 the victim reported that unknown suspect(s) broke into his Ford Explorer that was parked on the Circle-K lot located at 8110 Highway 64 by punching the driver side door lock.  Approximately $500 worth of tools, a GPS unit, a Fosgate Amplifier, and 15” sub-woofer speakers were stolen. 



On 10/10/08 officers responded to a disturbance call at Tina’s Nails located at 6045 Stage Rd. between the complainant who was in a disagreement with management about the cost of services.  During the disturbance the complainant left the business to allegedly call the police.  When the complainant left the business management believed she was leaving without paying for the services provided and allegedly grabbed her



The victim reported that unknown suspect(s) stole his mailbox from his residence located in the 3900 block of Planters View.  Scene officers spoke with neighbors in the area who did not see the theft take place



On 10/10/08 the complainant who resides at in the 6200 block of Molsonwood reported that he/she was supposed to have custody of his/her daughter but his/her ex-spouse would not let him/her get her.  This case is under investigation by the Investigative Services Division.



On 10/10/08 officers responded to a assault call at the Suburban Lodge located at 7380 Highway 64 and found the victim being treated by the Bartlett Fire Department for a large contusion on his/her forehead.  The victim advised he/she was in the Suburban Lodge laundry room when a known assailant assaulted him/her.  Detectives who responded to the scene arrested the assailant on the scene.



The victim who resides in the 5200 block of Beagle Trail alleges $600 cash was stolen by a family member’s boyfriend.






On 10/10/08 the victim advised her 2004 Mazda Tribute bearing TN 298FVX was stolen from the Hollywood Cinema parking lot located at 6711 Stage Rd.  The vehicle has been entered into NCIC as stolen.



On 10/10/08 officers responded to a welfare check for the complainant who resided in the  3500 block of Patricia Ellen Dr .



On 10/11/08 a M/B and two F/B’s entered the Schnuck’s located at 2942 Kirby-Whitten and stole a birthday cake.  The suspects were confronted by store management in the parking lot and they fled in a blue four door sedan bearing TN 660FKL. 



On 10/11/08 officers responded to a disturbance/fight in the 3500 block of Marietta where the victim alleges a family member assaulted him/her.  The family member left the scene prior to officers arrival.



The victim reported that some business checks have been stolen from his business and cashed at Bartlett area banks.



The victim who resides in the 4100 block of Luther alleges she has received threatening phone calls from her ex-boyfriends girlfriend.



On 10/12/08 the victim advised unknown suspect(s) attempted to steal his 1994 Chevy Silverado that was parked at his residence located in the 2400 block Lacosta



On 10/12/08 officers responded to a disturbance in the parking lot of Sally’s Beauty Supply located at 5975 Stage Rd where each party involved alleged the other threatened to assault them.  There where no independent witnesses to this disturbance.



On 10/12/08 officers responded to a disturbance call in the 4400 block of Appling Rd. where a married couple were arguing over some furniture.  Both parties advised no assaults took place.



On 10/12/08 the victim advised he was assaulted a known suspect at Rockyford park located at 6885 Raner Creek.




On 10/13/08 officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 6100 block of Ivanhoe where the victim advised that his roommate assaulted him.



The victim reported between 10/10/08-10/13/08 her residence in the 4300 block of Strawbridge Cv was burglarized by unknown suspect(s) who pried open a rear door.  The only property stolen from her residence was a play station 3 video game console valued at $600.



The victim who resides in the 3900 block of Clover Hill reported that unknown suspect(s) broke into his ’06 Lincoln Navigator by punching the driver door lock.  Nothing was stolen from the vehicle



The victim whose business is located at 6425 Stage Rd. reported that unknown suspect(s) stole twenty checks from his business account and made fraudulent transactions through First Tennessee Bank.



The complainant reported that a former employee stole and forged business checks from Talbot-Lass Concepts located at 5838 Stage Rd. making fraudulent transactions.



The complainant whose resides is in the 3200 block of Elmore Park reported that unknown suspect(s) placed a plastic bag of dog excrement in her mail box.



The victim who resides in the 5600 block of North reported her child’s bike was stolen from her residence.  The only identifying characteristic of the bike is the word “Trouble Maker” on one of the rails.  The victim believes a juvenile who lives in the neighborhood named “Quintin” may be responsible for the theft of the bike.



The victim who resides in the 3000 block of Bartlett Court reported unknown suspect(s) stole his City of Bartlett garbage can.



The victim who resides in the 4500 block of King Arthur reported that she is being harassed by her ex-husband Michael Hilliard.



The victim who resides in the 5700 block of Elizabeth Grace Cv. reported unknown suspect(s) obtained his/her Master Card credit card number and has made fraudulent charges through out the United States


On 10/14/08 at 3730 Appling Rd. an individual was bonding a pre-trial detainee out of the Bartlett City Jail when detention officers found a $100 counterfeit bill in the bond money.  Investigation revealed that individual is the owner of a Cordova mexican restaurant and used money from the business to bond out the inmate.  The bill was taken as evidence.  There is no suspect information.



On 10/14/08 officers responded to a disturbance at the Aldi’s grocery store located at 2867 Kirby-Whitten Rd. between store management and a irate customer.  Management requested and the customer was issued a criminal trespass warning.



On 10/13/08 the victim who resides in the 2200 block of Brannick reported unknown suspect(s) broke into and attempted to steal his/her ’93 GMC Sonoma pick up truck.



The complainant reported that he/she is being harassed and followed by a group of males/females because he/she no longer associates with.



The complainant who resides in the 6800 bock of Azalea Hill Cv. reported unknown person(s) damaged his motor vehicle that was parked in front of the residence.



The complainant who resides in the 4800 block of N. Germantown Rd. reported that he/she has been a victim of a Nigerian money scam where he/she received a check later found to be fraudulent, deposited it, and wired some of the money to the country of Nigeria.



On 10/14/08 the victim who resides in the 3700 block of Oak Rd reported that he has received harassing/threatening phone calls from his daughter’s boyfriend.



On 10/15/08 officers responded to fight victim at St. Francis Hospital located at 2986 Kate-Bond where the victim advised he was walking from the Exxon Tiger Mart located at St. Elmo & Luther when he was assaulted by unknown suspect(s).  The victim advised he was knocked unconscious and could not provide any suspect description.



The victim who resides in the 3400 block of Hunter Trail reported her red ’00 Pontiac was stolen from her residence.  The vehicle’s license plate number is YV-1517 and has two stickers on the back window; #1 Arlington Baseball #34, Bartlett Soccer ball w/Elyse.  Victim Reilly stated that her son’s Arlington Baseball bag with the #34 on it along with her husband’s golf clubs in a black bag with orange trim were in the vehicle.  The vehicle has been entered into NCIC as stolen.



Between 10/14/08-10/15/08 unknown suspect(s) broke into a stand alone freezer located at the rear of El Molino’s Mexican Restaurant located at 6496 Highway 70 stealing food items valued at approximately $400.



On 10/15/08 officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 6500 block of Cardinal Hill where the complainant advised his estranged spouse arrived at his/her residence, they both argued, and he/she broke his/her 50” Vizio HD television with a baseball bat.



On 10/15/08 officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 6800 block of Baudette where the complainant advised he and his wife are going through a divorce.  The complainant advised his wife found him loading belongings into a U-Haul trailer, she got mad, and allegedly slapped him.  The wife denied slapping him and that both just pushed each other.  Scene officers could not determine a primary aggressor.



The victim reported on 10/15/08 he was assaulted at the Bartlett United Methodist Church lot by a M/B.  Scene officers observed that he sustained minor facial injuries.



The victim reported he lost his debit card and unknown suspect(s) made 7 fraudulent transactions at Bartlett area gas stations.



The complainant reported that unknown suspect(s) stole two Tennessee dealer license plates D-16814 and D-16816.  Both plates entered stolen into NCIC.



The victim who resides in the 7500 block of Brittney Woods reported that a M/W driving a golf cart with University of Tennessee flags on it attempted to steal her Obama/Biden yard sign out of her yard.  The victim further advised she observed the M/W go to two other house in the area and attempt to steal Obama/Biden signs.  The W/M is described as being in his late 40’s or early 50’s.



On 10/15/08 the victim reported that her vehicle was burglarized while attending church at 2704 Charles Bryan.  The vehicles window was broken out and some personal items were stolen.  A witness reported that prior to the auto burglary she saw a white vehicle with bondo on the front driver side parked in the area.




During the early morning hours of 10/16/08 a M/W entered the Shell service station located at 2735 Kirby-Whitten, pulled out a knife, and attempted to rob the store.  The store clerk resisted the by grabbing a cigarette display case and the suspect left the store.  The M/W is described as being in his early 20’s, 5’8”, 190lbs, black hair, brown eyes, wearing a black nylon stocking cap, black short sleeve T-shirt over a white long sleeve T-shirt.  The M/W fled the scene in a gold 2 door Honda Civic with tinted windows, unknown license plate.