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Crime Report

Week of 10/20/08




A domestic assault was reported on Wild Dune by the victim.  She advised that her husband assaulted her during an argument.  She said that he grabbed her arm and put his hands around her neck.  She did leave the scene and came to HQ to report the incident. 



A theft of a compressor was reported at 8024 Stage Hills by the complainant.  He advised that an employee was having money problems and pawned the compressor at EZ Pawn on Summer Ave. 



An assault of a resident was reported at Varangon Academy, 3030 Brunswick Road.  An employee allegedly assaulted a resident.  The two had words and the employee and pinned him against the wall. There were lacerations to the side of the victim’s  head and redness. 



A theft of 5 bags of mulch was reported by the store manager at 7715 Hwy 70.  He said that several employees witnessed an older male in a 2006 gray Ford F-150 truck.



A harassment complaint was filed by the victim.  He advised that he fired an employee for numerous occasions of tardiness and not showing up for work at all.  She has continued to harass him over the phone and voice mail.  He had a strange occurrence at his house with a figure standing outside his bedroom window and he thinks it may have been her.



A theft of a bicycle was reported on Court Street by the victim.  She advised that her son’s orange Next bike was taken.



A  vandalism was reported on Yorkhill by the victim.  He advised that someone threw water balloons at his house sometime between the hours of 0000 and 0630 hours on 10/18/08.  His garage window was broken and a side mirror on his 2004 Honda Accord was damaged.



A theft was reported at Exxon Tiger Mart, 5949 Stage Road, by the clerk.  She advised that a male and a female entered the store and quickly selected 2- 24 packs of Budlight and exited the store without paying.  They left the lot in a blue four door sedan headed westbound on Stage Rd.  No tag information.



A theft of a purse was reported at 2807 Bartlett Blvd by the victim.  She stated that her purse was in the backroom, where there are no cameras, and it was missing.  No suspect information.  Credit cards have already been cancelled.



The resident in the area of 9000 Vaughn Cove set off his alarm in an effort to scare some juveniles out of his garage when he heard noises in the area.   He observed 2 male juveniles run from his garage area.  He thinks that they were trying to steal a Lexus that he has.  No damage was done to the residence due to the fact that you can gain access to the garage by crawling under the door.  A 10 day security watch was put on the residence.



A vandalism report was taken from the victim on Autumn Glen.  She advised that had been shooting BBs at her shed and also a Dr Pepper can that she found in her backyard.  Officers talked to am juvenile that lives behind her and he admitted that he was shooting at the can but was unaware of the shed damage.  He said that he would pay for the damage.



The owner of a dog at 5723 Elizabeth Grace Cove was cited for a loud barking dog.



A domestic was reported on Daybreak by the victims.  They reported that their son was angry at his mother over a charm necklace and an argument ensued.



An assault was reported at HQ by the victim.  He advised that his brother punched him in the eye because all the food was gone out of the house on Luther Road. 



A harassment complaint was filed at 6276 Stage Road (Brunswick Lanes) by the victim.  She advised that the suspect was harassing her.  Boyer was given a criminal trespass warning.



A counterfeit $5 bill was located at the Court Clerk’s office when an individual came to pay her fines.  She advised that she had just gotten the money from her bank.  Money was put into property for Secret Service.



A theft was gasoline was reported on Nancy by the victim.  He advised that someone had taken approx 12 gallons of gas out of his truck overnight.



A fraud report was filed by the victim when he discovered that suspicious charges were on his bank account.                  



The victim who resides in the 7200 block of Shady Oaks reported that her estranged husband has been harassing her by calling her in a repetitious manner. 



A burglary was reported in the 8000 block Stage Hills by the victim.  Her business had been broken into and had put holes in all the walls to avoid the motion detector.  Officers observed pry marks on the wall in the insurance company next door which appears to be the point of entry.  A laptop, .38 S&W pistol, and a digital camera were taken and entered into NCIC as stolen.                 



A domestic was reported by the complainant who resides in the 5100 block of Bluff Springs.  He/she advised their spouse sprayed them with mace. 



The complainant reported that unknown suspect(s) attempted to burglarize the Austin Group Reality office located at 2808 Stage Center #1.



The victim reported that unknown suspect(s) obtained her Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union account number and made a fraudulent transaction in the state of Colorado.



The complainant reported that unknown suspect(s) broke out several windows at Charitable Solutions located at 2841  Shelby St.



The victim who works at St. Francis Hospital located at 2986 Kate Bond reported that a known suspect has called the hospital threatening him/her because he/she would not prescribe him pain medication.



The victim reported that unknown suspect(s) obtained her Memphis Area Teacher Credit Union account number and fraudulently withdrew money.



The complainant who resides in the 2500 block of Doe Run Ln. alleges her landlord has been harassing her regarding her rent.



On 10/20/08 officers responded to an assault complaint at the Waffle House located at 2931 Germantown Rd.  Scene officers found that no physical assault had occurred and an employee who was not on the scene alleged an ex-employee showed her a weapon and threatened her.



The victim reported that unknown suspect(s) obtained her Regions Bank debit/credit card number and made a fraudulent transaction in the state of Kentucky.



The victim who resides in the 5000 block of Sawyer Lake reported that unknown suspect(s) damaged his mail box.



The victim who resides in the 4200 block of Luther reported that his/her vehicle was vandalized and he/she suspects that his/her ex-boy/girlfriend is responsible.



The complainant who is the manager of Kinder Care located at 2979 Elmore Park reported that she believes an ex-employee stole a cell phone that belongs to the business.



Officers responded to a disturbance call at the Simoniz car wash located at 6800 Stage Rd. where management reported a terminated employee threatened the on duty manager.  The terminated employee was told by management not to come on the business property.



The complainant advised he was parting out a vehicle and made an agreement to sell the engine to Josh & John Parker.  The parker brothers obtained control of the vehicle and removed the engine but have not returned the vehicle.



Officers responded to a juvenile complaint reported by the management of Quail Ridge Golf Course located at 4055 Altruria and reported a group of juveniles were not following course rules and driving the golf carts recklessly.  Three juveniles were issued criminal trespass warnings by scene officers.



Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 6100 block of Blue Springs and determined that during an argument between husband and wife the husband punched the wife.  The husband was arrested for domestic assault on the scene and transported to jail.



Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 3200 block of Teaberry and determined that two brothers were involved in a fight and that one of the brothers left the scene prior to officers’ arrival.   The other brother was later located, arrested for domestic violence assault and transported to jail.



Management of Tellini’s located at 7964 Highway 64 reported a M/B attempted to pay for his order with a counterfeit $100 bill.  The M/B suspect left with the bill prior to officers’ arrival.



Officers responded to a trespassing complaint in the 3400 block Broadway were the complainants reported that they are being harassed by a known M/W and do not want him on their property.  Officers issued the M/W a criminal trespass warning.



Officers responded to a disturbance in the 3800 block of Gailyn between an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend where the boyfriend attempted to force his way into the residence.  Officers located the ex-boyfriend and placed him into custody for a domestic assault that previously occurred.



The complainant who resides in the 4200 block of Sunny Haven has reported his 9mm Smith & Wesson model M-5946 semi-auto pistol ser#MPD2152 lost/stolen from his residence. The pistol was entered into NCIC as stolen.



Officers responded to a disturbance at Bartlett City Hall located at 6400 Stage Rd where the suspect was attempting to pay a water bill.  The suspect became upset when clerical personnel began to count his money.  The suspect cursed at the clerk and left city hall and left the scene.



Officers responded to an armed party disturbance in the 3500 block of Sugar Tree where the victim alleges that a known suspect pointed a 12ga shotgun at him/her during an argument.



On 10/22/08 management of Wolf Chase Dodge located at 8170 Highway 64 reported that a M/B described as being in his early 20’s, 5’03”, 130lbs, test drove and stole a gray ’06 Dodge Charger.  There was no tag on the vehicle during the test drive.  The vehicle has been entered into NCIC as stolen.



Officers responded to St. Francis Hospital located at 2986 Kate-Bond regarding a death.  MFD paramedics transported the victim who passed out and died on the parking lot of Microtel located at 2423 N. Germantown Rd. in Memphis.



The victim who resides in the 7200 block of Noah reported that he ex-spouse has threatened to kill them. 



The victim reported that a ring was stolen from his residence on Cale Falls.



The victim reported his cell phone was stolen while he was at a Bartlett High School football practice.  Several individuals were pointed out as being near the victim’s chair prior to the theft and were detained by officers for further investigation.  During the detention one of the suspects was found to have a active warrant for his arrest.  As officers were taking him into custody he resisted and a chemical agent was used to bring him under control.



Officers responded to a stabbing in the 7100 block of Andrews where the victim reported that a person entered his bedroom, sprayed him with mace, and stabbed him. 



On 10/23/08 the complainant who resides at 6400 block of Carraway Cv. has reported her ’00 Volkswagen Jetta stolen.  The vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen.


The victim who resides in the 9100 block of Pembrook-Ellis reported that unknown suspect(s) damaged his male box.



The victim who resides at 5900 S. Pamela Ann reported her boyfriend took her ’03 Pontiac Grand Am bearing TN license plate 492SYH.  The vehicle is entered into NCIC as stolen.



The complainant who resides in the 6400 block of Blenheim reported her juvenile son ran away from home on 10/23/08.  He has been entered into NCIC as a runaway.



The victim who resides in 2900 block Charles Bryan reported her house was burglarized and various pieces of electronic equipment was stolen. There is a known suspect.