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Crime Report
Week of 10/27/08

A disturbance on a school bus was reported in that area of Will Fall and Old Brownsville when an irate parent got on the bus and began yelling at the bus driver. The parent was demanding to know why her son had been kicked off the bus. The parent finally exited the bus after the police were called. Video may be available.

A burglary was reported at on Kirby Whitten Road by the victim. He advised that someone broke into his dental office sometime between 1900 hours on 10/23 and 1315 on 10/24. The only thing missing was approx $70.

A stalking report was taken from the victim at the Legends of Wolfchase. She advised that a resident/former boyfriend is stalking her. He has been warned by her office to only come into the office on business and he still visits and yells at the employees. He follows her, calls and texts her and sends gifts to her children.

A domestic assault was reported on Ellen Davies by the victim. She advised that her ex-husband grabbed and pushed her and she hit her head on a flower pot. He left the scene and went to his medical office in Somerville. The victim did have a lump on her head the size of a golf ball.

A domestic assault was reported in the area of 2900 Bardstown by the victim. She reported that her husband followed her and was trying to get her to go home with him. They do not live together anymore. When she refused to go, he hit her in the face with a closed fist and caused a knot to come up on her forehead. She is seven months pregnant. There were several witnesses.

A robbery was reported on Flowering Tree Cove by the victims. They were in the driveway of the house when they were approached by 2 M/B with a black revolver and they took their wallets and a paycheck. Total money loss was approx $100 and the check was for $270. The victims think that they suspects followed them from Covington Pike/ Raleigh LaGrange at a check cashing place. There was anther M/B in the vehicle. They left the area in a brown car, possibly older model, Chevrolet.

An auto theft was reported on Doe Run by the victim. He advised that his 1994 GMC Sierra Extended Cab was taken from his parent’s home sometime between 2200 hours on 10/24 and the morning of 10/25/08. He could not provide the tag or the VIN#.

The victim on Hillman Way reported that someone has been using her MATCU debit card without her knowledge. Her card has since been cancelled.

A harassment report was taken at 2986 Kate Bond (St Francis Hospital) when a patient at Lakeside called and threatened to kill someone at the hospital. He has been given a criminal trespass warning before from the hospital.

A shoplifting was reported at Walgreens, 5920 Stage Road, when the witness witnessed a M/B enter the store and grab 4 bottles of Baby Phat cologne an run out. He got into a late 1990s model blue Chevy pickup and left westbound on Stage Road. Another M/B was driving.

A report of a stolen trailer from 2449 Altruria, Decatur Trinity Church was taken from the complainant. The trailer is described as a 6X12 enclosed trailer, dark green in color, with Scouts of America Troop 27 Decatur Trinity Church on both sides of it. The trailer and the contents are valued at $6250.

A domestic dispute was reported on Josee Lane by the victim. He advised that he and his wife were arguing and he called the police. He was very intoxicated and his wife said she did not know why he called. She left the house for the night due to his level of intoxication and strange behavior.

A theft from a vehicle was reported at USDA, 3275 Appling Road, by the victim. She said that when she went back to work from her lunch break she left her purse in her car and possibly left the doors unlocked. They are reviewing the security tapes to see if anything can be seen.

A fraud was reported at HQ by the victim. She reported that someone has opened several accounts in her name. She has no idea who would have done this.

A domestic disturbance was reported on Gardenier Cove by the victim. He reported that he and his wife began arguing and she picked up a small souvenier bat and threatened him with it. She said that she did have the bat but did not threaten to use it. She left the house for the night.

A theft was reported in the area of 6100 Maher Trail by the complainant. She reported that two air conditioning units were missing from the house she was showing. They were there last Wednesday when she showed the house but were missing now. Value is approx $4000.

An identity theft was reported by the victim when she reported that someone set up several accounts in her name. She was contacted by the Sears credit company and that is how she found out about them all.

A theft was reported on Bartlett Blvd by the victim. She reported that someone took her Ipod Nano while she at a residence on Mercury.

A theft from a construction site was reported at 7925 Pips Ridge by the superintendant. He advised that someone unknown took a Goodman ½ ton heating unit from the attic of the home. There was no forced entry to the home.

A harassment report was filed by the victim. She advised that she received several phone calls from the suspect and then observed another male driving by her house. There are some problems between her son and these two individuals.

A burglary to a residence was reported on Diplomat by the victim. She advised that sometime between 0745 hours and 1730 hours on 10/27 someone went into her house and stole several electronic items and some jewelry. No suspects.

A theft of a digital camera was reported at Honey Bee and Magnolia Woods by the victim. He advised that he had a Sony digital camera for sale. A girl he knows came by the buy the camera and he took it out tote car. The girl and the 3 male passengers drove away with the camera while he was still hanging out of the car.

A vandalism to a vehicle was reported on Luther Rd by the victim She reported that someone had damaged her 2003 VW Beetle by cutting the tires and putting slashes in the convertible top. The car as been damaged before and she is working with Det. Halford on both cases.

An ID theft report was filed by the victim on Hillman Way. He was contacted by a company, Midnight Velvet, that informed him that a $10,000 line of credit had been opened in his name. He closed that account but had no idea who did it.

An auto burglary was reported on Baja Valley by the victim.. He advised that someone got into his unlocked Ford Expedition and took several electronic items, a pair of Oakley sunglasses, a child’s motorized 3 wheeler, and 3 bowling balls. No suspects.

An assault was reported at Boys Town, 7410 Memphis Arlington between two of the residents. One of the workers involved in breaking up the fight was injured. DCS notified.

An assault was reported at Baptist East Hospital that occurred earlier at Bartlett
Elementary. The juvenile victim’s arm was twisted and was pushed to the ground.
An auto burglary was reported on Gail Drive by the victim. He advised that a laptop and several thumbdrives were taken from his 2003 Jeep while it was parked, unlocked, in his driveway. The laptop belongs to the Army National Guard and has sensitive information on it. No serial number was available.
A domestic issue was handled at HQ involving child custody when the mother dropped her child off at her sister’s house and the grandmother came to get her. The mother then could not be located and DCS became involved. The grandmother has petitioned for custody but the papers have not gone through yet. DCS made the scene at HQ and both the mother and grandmother agreed for the grandmother to have temporary custody until 11/1/08.

An auto burglary was reported at 7266 Third Road( Singleton Community Center) by the victim. She advised that someone broke her rear passenger window and stole her purse. The purse contained cash, credit cards, and keys. No suspect information.

An assault was reported by a patient at Lakeside. She advised that a male walked up to her and bit her arm while she was outside smoking.

A property damage report was taken from the victim on Autumn Glenn. He advised that someone had shattered the front glass door to his residence.
A disturbance at Dollar General Store located at 6600 Stage Road was reported by the manager. She advised that a female subject was trying to apply for a job and had been refused employment. She caused a scene and police were called. A criminal trespass warning was given for the property.

A auto burglary was reported at 7615 Hwy 70 ( Kroger) at the gas pumps. The victim advised that while her husband was pumping gas someone went into the passenger door and took her purse. The purse contained approx $700 in cash, several checks and credit cards. The video is too far away to see anything.

A theft was reported at 8184 Bartlett Gap by the builder. He advised that someone went into this new house and removed the heating unit from the attic. There was no forced entry into the house. Officers did lift several latent prints from the heating attachments and will be sent to AFIS.

An assault was reported at HQ by the complainant. She advised that her son was assaulted in the Youth Villages gym by his teacher. Her son got mad and kicked a book across the floor and the teacher came up to him and twisted his arm behind his back with his palm up. The victim received medical attention and his arm is fractured in two places and was immobilized in a cast.