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Crime Report

Week Beginning 11/03/08



Natural Death



On 10/31/08 officers responded to a theft call at Schnucks located at 2942 Kirby-Whitten where a F/B described as having a dark complexion, short hair, wearing a long green winter coat and blue jeans stole 7 T-bone steaks valued at $15.00 each.  The F/B left the scene in a blue or gray 4 dr. sedan bearing TN license plate 537NPV that was driven by a M/B and occupied by an additional F/B.  



On 10/31/08 unknown suspects stole a City of Bartlett garbage container from the 5000 block of Jeffery Keith Dr.



Bartlett Animal Control officers reported that a F/W juvenile was scratched by a cat while at the Bartlett Animal Shelter located at 5220 Shelter Run Ln.



A citizen reported that on 11/01/08 unknown person(s) threw a ball that struck his vehicle damaging it while in the vicinity of 6374 Star Valley.



On 11/01/08 a parent reported his juvenile daughter missing from the 5600 block of Yale Rd. 



The victim reported that unknown suspect(s) vandalized her vehicle by egging it as it was parked in front of her residence located in the 7900 block of Breezy Meadow Ln.


0811020004 Det. Carter

Officers responded to a fight victim at 3730 Appling Rd where the victim reported she was assaulted by two known F/W’s while at a residence in the 7900 block of Sandywood. 



Natural Death



The complainant who lives in the 6700 block of N. Oakmoor Circle reported that a known suspect stole and forged several checks.



On 11/02/08 officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 7500 block of Forest Shadow Ln where a boyfriend and girlfriend were involved in an argument.  A lamp was broken during the argument but there were no signs of physical contact and officers could not determine a primary aggressor.



A theft from a construction site was reported by the supervisor.  She reported that at 2724 Summer Oaks a red Honda motor was taken from inside a mortar mixer.  She suspects that she terminated.



Threatening phone calls were reported at Barnhills by the manager.  A male called looking for an employee and became irate when he was told that the information could not be released.



A fraud was reported by the victim.  He advised he was served papers from a law office that stated he owed Sears $3990.27.  He advised that he did not make those charges.



A fraud was reported by the victim at HQ.  She advised that her car was broken into last year at Freeman Park (070513005) and her purse and wallet were taken.  MPD was at her home in Memphis on an unrelated matter and ran her DL and a picture of a female white showed that is not MS. Allred.  Checks have also been cashed using her ID.



A theft was reported on Silverhill  by the victim of a green Craftsman 6.75 HP mower.  He advised it was taken from the side of his garage and it was there around 2000 hours on 110208.



A fraud was reported at HQ by the victim.  He advised that his Regions bank account number was obtained somehow and used at stores in Indianapolis, IN.  The account has been closed.


A theft was reported on Oak Road in regards to a theft of a trailer.  The victim advised that someone took his metallic gray tandem axle trailer from behind the house.  It has been entered NCIC.



A fraud was reported at HQ by the victim who stated that he received a letter from Dell advising him that his account was on hold.  He reported to them that he has not opened an account with them.  



The complainant lost her Blackberry Curve cell phone at the softball complex located at 3610 Appling rd.



Officers responded to 3516 Evening Light regarding suspicious circumstances.  The complainant reported that when he arrived home at 0800hrs he observed a late model brown Chevy extended cab pick up parked in front of his residence.  The complainant advised as he entered the residence a M/W left through the back door, got in the truck, and left.  The complainant advised he found a guitar and clothing in his room had been damaged.  It was reported that the complainant’s wife was at home during this but did not know anyone was in the residence.



The complainant reported that he lost his wallet at the Wendy’s located at Stage Rd & Price Dr.



The victim reported that his Dell laptop was stolen from his vehicle while in the area of 7140 Highway 70.



Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 4747 Shadowlawn where the victim reported her husband arrived home and blamed her for losing his job, assaulted her in front of their children, and left the scene.



The complainant reported that two M/W’s entered the Circle K store located at 8140 Highway 64 and stole candy leaving the scene in a 4dr Toyota Corolla.



Officers responded to a disturbance at 2812 Darolyn where the complainant alleged that her step-son threatened her for not moving out of the residence.  The threats could not be verified and she left the residence and stayed with other family members.




The victim reported that unknown suspect(s) obtained his account number to his Memphis Area Credit Union account and made a fraudulent transaction at the Wal-Mart in Millington Tennessee.



The complainant who resides in the 7400 block of Drew Valley reported that his wife Rebecca Elliott changed the locks at the residence preventing him from entering after he was incarcerated at the Shelby County Jail in violation of an alleged court order that he could not produce.



Officers responded to B.A. Framer located at 2990 Kirby-Whitten were the complainant reported unknown suspect(s) stole a painting titled “The Red Tractor” valued at $210.00. 



The complainant who resides in the 4800 block of Meggie Oaks Cv. believes unknown suspect(s) entered her back yard, turned over the patio furniture, and attempted to break into the residence by prying the rear door.



The victim reported that a Tennessee license plate 534-HPN was stolen from his ’99 Buick Century while it was parked at the Suburban Lodge located at 7380 Highway 64.  The stolen license plate was entered as stolen into NCIC.



The victim who resides in the 6800 block of Silver Hill reported that unknown suspect(s) stole a Craftsman rotary side discharge lawn mower from his residence.


0811050019 Det. Carter

The complainant who resides in the 5000 block of Guffin reported her foster child as a runaway.  The runaway is alleged to be involved in gang activity in North Memphis and may be in that area.  Woods is listed in NCIC as a missing person/runaway.



Management of Holiday’s Fashion located at 2825 Bartlett Blvd reported a F/B attempted to pay for a purchase with a counterfeit $100 bill.  The F/B left the bill in the store leaving the scene in a dark color SUV possible a Dodge Durango.



Officers responded to a disturbance in the 5800 block Blackwell and the residents had a criminal trespass warning issued to a individual on the scene causing the disturbance.



Management of the Circle K located at 8140 Highway 64 reported a M/B entered the store and stole 5 cartons of Marlboro Light Cigarettes from the counter