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Crime Report

January 12, 2009-January 16, 2009


0901050020 Trespass

Officers responded to 8097 Hwy. 70 (Walgreens).  Spoke with complainant/store manager, who reported two subjects had entered the store.  Complainant/store manager told subjects to leave because they had stolen items from Walgreens in the past.  Trespass warning issued to both subjects.


0901090011 Burglary

Officers responded to the 6700 block Old Brownsville regarding a burglary.  Met victim/complainant.  Suspect only took an XBOX360 with two controllers and the game inside.  Mr. Jones suspects a family member.


0901090017 Fraud

Officer responded to 3730 Appling (headquarters) regarding a fraud.  Spoke with victim/complainant who produced account activity showing two charges that were not his.  This is his second occurrence of fraud.


0901090018 Fraud

Officers responded to 3730 Appling (headquarters) regarding a fraud.  Spoke with victim/complainant who reported that suspect(s) obtained her checking account number and made fraudulent checks and used them at several locations totaling $2,000.  Victim/complainant’s bank has been notified.


0901090020 Fraud

Officer dispatched to 2800  block of Whitten Road in regards to a fraud.  Met with victim/complainant who reported that person(s) have been illegally using her and her son’s joint Independent Bank checking account.  Victim/complainant suspects her son’s friend.


0901090021 Shoplifting

Officer responded to 8400 Hwy 64, (Wal-Mart) in regards to a shoplifting complaint.  Spoke with AP agent stated M/B suspect was identified.  Suspect purchased merchandise and exited store.  Came back to store, selected same items as before and then, with previous receipt, asked for cash back.  As AP personnel attempted to apprehend the suspect he ran out of the store and across Hwy. 64.


0901090029 Theft

Officer dispatched to 5985 Stage Road (Game Stop) in regards to theft.  Met with complainant/store manager who reported an unknown M/B subject stole a Play Station 3 from store.  Subject described as male black, approximately 25-30 years of age, 5’8” to 5’9”, 170-190 pounds, wearing a grey shirt, a black hat, and prescription sunglasses with an oriental tattoo on his neck.


0901090031 Fire complainant

Officer dispatched to 3200 block of Hill Lake to assist fire department.  Spoke with firefighters who stated they have responded to this address on Hill Lake numerous times to check safety of fire pit in backyard.  Fire Marshall has been to this address and checked the safety of the small fire pit and deemed it not a health risk nor a danger.


0901090035 Suspicious Circumstances

Officer dispatched to 6859 Hwy. 70 (Mapco) in regards to a suspicious circumstances.  Met with complainant who reported unknown M/W entered to buy beer with ID.  When complainant refused him without ID, the subject stated, “That’s OK, I’ll just come back tomorrow, rob you and then take the beer.”  After viewing photo complainant provided, officer recognized suspect.


0901110004 Vandalism

Officer responded to 3700 block of Oak Moor Court in regards to a vandalism.  Spoke with victim/complainant who reported that he had damage to some boards on his fence.  Victim/Complainant reported seeing three juveniles dressed in black carrying skate boards walk into a residence in the 6700 block of Oak Moor Circle North and this residence also had damage to the fence.  No witnesses.  Security check issued.


090110009 Fraud

Officer responded to 3730 Appling Road (headquarters) on fraud complaint.  Officer spoke with victim/complainant who stated that she had made arrangement to rent a house listed in ad on Craigslist.  Victim paid suspect $1,610 cash for a deposit and first months rent.  Craigslist had an alert placed on house she was to rent.  Suspect said he would return money, she has not.