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Bartlett Police Department

Offense Report Summary

05/24/10 ? 05/30/10


1005240003- Vandalism- A vehicle owner reported that their car had been vandalized while parked on Running Bird Lane. It was advised that the tires on the car had been punctured during the night time hours.


1005240006- Auto Theft- Officers responded to an address on Pine Oak in regards to an auto theft complaint. It was reported that a 1997 Dodge was taken during the night time hours while the vehicle was parked in the homes driveway.


1005240013- Auto Burglary- Officers responded to a business lot located in the 8500 block of Hwy 64 in regards to several auto burglaries. The business owner reported that five vehicles which had been parked on the lot had been entered at some point over the weekend. The only item reported missing was a stereo from one of the cars.


1005250003- Auto Burglary- A homeowner in the 3500 block of Sunrise Lane reported that his work vehicle had been burglarized while parked in his drive during the evening hours. A laptop computer and charger had been stolen during this event.


1005250007- Vandalism- Officers responded to an address on Terry Franklin where it was reported that unknown persons had damaged all of the exterior light fixtures to the home.


1005250013- Burglary- A homeowner in the 4300 block of Wind Tree reported that he discovered that his home had been burglarized while he had been at work. Entry to the home was gained via a side window and numerous items were reported missing.


1005260008- Theft- Officers responded to a home located on Forked River where the homeowner reported that his lawnmower had been stolen while left in front of the residence.


05-27-10- No reports of not on this date.


1005280016- Auto Burglary- Officers responded to an address in the 3000 block of Santa Valley in regards to an auto burglary complaint. Upon arrival it was reported that the vehicle had been burglarized during the prior evening. The only item found missing was a GPS unit.


05-29-10- No reports of note on this date.


1005300004- Burglary- Officers responded to an address in the 6600 block of Old Brownsville in regards to a burglary complaint. The homeowner reported the upon returning home she found that the home had been burglarized. Numerous items were reported missing.