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Cop's Corner with Captain Cupp

Captain David G. Cupp

Captain Cupp is the Traffic Division Commander for the Bartlett Police Department. Each week Captain Cupp will provide citizens of Bartlett with information useful to Bartlett residents concerning traffic and public safety and little known facts about the Bartlett Police Department.

This week's topic:
Road Rage
Aggressive Driving, tailgating, honking the horn, fist and hand gestures, yelling, speeding, cutting off other drivers, and here lately the indication of a firearm are all a product of “Road Rage”. It may be that we are under more stress lately or it may be just a sign of the times. I can’t see that this will be getting better any time soon with the Holidays coming on. We need to be prepared for this as we drive the next few weeks. We were fortunate this year to be awarded a Traffic Grant from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office to address this very problem in Bartlett. We will have Officers out on the roadways looking for the signs of Aggressive Driving and charging those responsible.

Just remember we can’t control the Traffic but we can control the way we react to it.

Be Safe and remember you can contact me regarding any and all traffic issues or other Police Matters. 

If you have questions or comments just contact me via email or telephone with your concerns.

Captain David G. Cupp, CFS

Bartlett Police Department

Traffic Division

3730 Appling Road

Bartlett, Tennessee 38133

901-385-5529 x324