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Cop's Corner with Captain Cupp

Captain David G. Cupp

Captain Cupp is the Traffic Division Commander for the Bartlett Police Department. Each week Captain Cupp will provide citizens of Bartlett with information useful to Bartlett residents concerning traffic and public safety and little known facts about the Bartlett Police Department.

The Topic this week is: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY

I’d like to start out with A Request along with a Promise.

February 6, as everyone knows, is “Super Bowl Sunday” which means people will either be hosting or going to parties. For the most part there will be a lot of drinking in a short amount of time which equals to a high degree of intoxication. The Bartlett Police Department along with our neighboring Police Agencies will be out in full force that night. My Request is that if you indulge in adult beverages you do the adult thing and get a designated driver to get you home. My Promise to you is that if you elect to drink and drive we will do everything in our power to put you up for the night.

The decision to drink and drive only takes a few seconds but the effects could last a lifetime.

Be Safe and if you have questions or comments contact me.

Captain David G. Cupp, CFS

Bartlett Police Department

Traffic Division

3730 Appling Road

Bartlett, Tennessee 38133

901-385-5529 x324