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Bartlett Police Department
Offense Report Summary
02/28/11 – 03/06/11

1102280017- Theft- Officers responded to an address in the 6500 block of Memphis Arlington in regards to a theft complaint. Upon arrival the complainant advised that someone has stolen the license plate off of his vehicle while parked at that location.

1103010012- Auto Burglary- Officers were called to a business lot located at 6600 Stage Road in regards to an auto burglary complaint. Upon arrival it was advised that someone had entered a vehicle on the lot by shattering a side window where entry was then gained.

1103020004- Burglary- Officers were called to a Dentist office located on Summer Oaks Drive in regards to a burglary complaint. The Business owner reported that unknown persons had forced entry into the office where two large tanks containing Nitrous Oxide were then stolen.

1103020014- Fraud- Officers received another complaint from a victim who advised that they had attempted to file their taxes only to find that someone had already filed using their identity to receive the refund.

1103040029- Vandalism- A homeowner in the 2900 block of Darolyn reported that unknown persons had shattered two of the front windows to their residence with an unknown object.

1103040003- Burglary- A homeowner in the 7600 block of Memphis Arlington reported that someone had entered their garage via an unlocked side door and had removed lawn equipment from inside.

1103050016- Theft- Officers responded to an address in the 3000 block of Lauren in regards to another complaint concerning the theft of a vehicles license plate.