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Cop's Corner with Captain Cupp

Captain David G. Cupp

Captain Cupp is the Traffic Division Commander for the Bartlett Police Department.

Each week Captain Cupp will provide citizens of Bartlett with information useful to Bartlett residents concerning traffic and public safety and little known facts about the Bartlett Police Department.

The Topic this week is: Traffic Signals.

I'm sure everyone knows by now Tennessee Law allows drivers facing a RED LIGHT to make a "Right Turn on Red after Stop". The key word here is STOP. So many drivers are not doing this and it creates a hazard for pedestrians and on coming traffic. This has resulted in many accidents and pedestrians injured.

This law was enacted to assist in the flow of traffic but it's not working if a crash occurs at the intersection. Our Traffic Division was instructed to enforce this law in an effort to cut down on the number of crashes and injuries.

If you have questions regarding this or other Police Matters contact me. 


Captain David G. Cupp, CFS

Bartlett Police Department

Traffic Division

3730 Appling Road

Bartlett, Tennessee 38133

901-385-5529 x324