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Cop's Corner with Captain Cupp

Captain David G. Cupp

Captain Cupp is the Traffic Division Commander for the Bartlett Police Department.

Each week Captain Cupp will provide citizens of Bartlett with information useful to Bartlett residents concerning traffic and public safety and little known facts about the Bartlett Police Department.

The Topic this week is: Auto Burglaries


As the weather gets warmer the car break-ins seem to increase. This is something that happens every year and every year we as police officers try to figure ways to stop it. Car break-ins can happen any time but most occur after midnight. It’s equally as bad in residential areas as in business districts. And just so you will know we do catch them from time to time. The statistics you may not be aware of most of the vehicles are left unlocked by the owners. This is something the police can not correct. When we take the report of the Auto Burglary most of the drivers tell us “We leave it unlocked because we live in Bartlett”. Now that you know this we are asking everyone to secure your vehicles when you leave them. Let’s make it at least more difficult for them by locking our doors.

If you have questions regarding this or other Police Matters contact me. 


Captain David G. Cupp, CFS

Bartlett Police Department

Traffic Division

3730 Appling Road

Bartlett, Tennessee 38133

901-385-5529 x324