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Cop's Corner with Captain Cupp

Captain David G. Cupp

Captain Cupp is the Traffic Division Commander for the Bartlett Police Department.

Each week Captain Cupp will provide citizens of Bartlett with information useful to Bartlett residents concerning traffic and public safety and little known facts about the Bartlett Police Department.

The Topic this Week is: School Buses

As you know School is back in session and the busses are out. We have started early this year in receiving complaints of people not stopping for the school busses. During pre school hours and post school hours we must adjust our driving for the loading and unloading of these busses. A good rule of thumb if the STOP BAR is out on the busses and they have stopped you must stop also. Exception to this rule if the road is divided making two roads out of one you can continue on by slowing down and expecting the unexpected.

Our Officers always watch out for these violators routinely but I am instructing the Officers to now follow these buses looking for these violators. I hope we can make a difference in some child getting hurt or not. Won’t you help us? 


Remember if you have questions or concerns contact me.

Captain David G. Cupp, CFS

Bartlett Police Department

Traffic Division

3730 Appling Road

Bartlett, Tennessee 38133

901-385-5529 x324