When are your classes? Is there a charge?

We offer classes as early as 5:15 am and as late at 7:00 pm. Aerobics, Senior Fitness and Water Exercise classes come free with the membership. Due to a limited number of spin bikes and Barre space, you must sign-up at the Front Desk to participate in all spin classes and Barre classes. Minimum age to participate in group exercise is 14 unless otherwise posted. All classes are first come, first serve.

Exercise Schedule

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1. What are the Recreation and Fitness Center Hours?
2. What is the busiest time?
3. When are your classes? Is there a charge?
4. What is the pool temperature? How do you regulate the chemicals?
5. Is there a charge for a fitness assessment or strength orientation?
6. Is there a time limit on the machines?
7. Is there always availability to swim? Lap swim or open swim?
8. Do I need to show proof of residency?
9. Can I join month to month?
10. Can I rent a locker?
11. Do you provide soap, towels, etc.?