Where do I register to vote?

Voter's registration Forms are available at Bartlett City Hall & the Bartlett Library. The Shelby County Election Commission may be contacted at (901) 222-1200 or by clicking on the following link.

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Where do I go for new Utility Services?

Please visit our Utility Services information page.

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What sports programs are offered by Bartlett Parks and Recreation?

Bartlett Parks and Recreation offers youth and adult recreational programs. Youth program include T-Ball, Baseball, Cheerleading, Girls Softball and Girls Volleyball. Adult programs offered include Softball for men, women and co-ed teams, Basketball for men and Volleyball for men, women and co-ed teams. All sign-ups and rosters are available in the Athletic Office at Singleton Community Center.

How do I obtain a business license?

First, you must obtain written approval from the Planning Department, Code Enforcement Department, and the Fire Marshal. You will return these approvals to the Tax Department along with your completed application for business license. Please be sure to have the $15 application fee, which can be paid with cash or check, and the business owner’s driver’s license. This application is not on-line. It must be picked up at the Tax Department office.

Who are the members of the City's Board of Mayor and Aldermen?

Mayor A. Keith McDonald, Vice Mayor Jack Young, Alderman W.C. (Bubba) Pleasant, Alderman Emily Elliott, Alderman David Parsons, Alderman Bobby Simmons, Alderman Paula Sedgwick.

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How do I start new water service or cancel my existing service?

Contact the Water Department by calling (901) 385-5585 or in person at Bartlett City Hall, 6400 Stage Road between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

What voting district do I live in?

You can find out what voting district you are in by using the precinct locator on the Shelby County Election Commission's web site.

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What are the business hours for Bartlett City Hall?

Bartlett City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm except holidays.

How do I contact my Federal, State and Local Representatives / Legislators ?

See list.

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