Public Involvement and Participation


While city officials can control the public sources of storm water pollution, it's ultimately in the hands of private citizens to change the way they do small things that will have a dramatic effect on the quality of water. Public participation and involvement in the Storm Water Management Program is essential for achieving the program goal of reducing the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent possible as well as protecting the quality of the water. Efforts City of Bartlett citizens take at home to reduce storm water runoff pollution can have an even greater impact when citizens work together as a collective force to achieve a goal of reducing or eliminating storm water pollution from their neighborhoods.

What can citizens do to help protect our water resources in Bartlett?

There are many ways that citizens can work together collectively to reduce storm water runoff pollution. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Organize a "sweep" of the neighborhood to collect trash and other debris that can be carried into the storm water systems. Something as small as a cigarette butt looks inconsequential but when hundreds and thousands of them accumulate at down stream obstructions, the result is obvious. Try to keep track of how much you collect each time and see if you notice a decrease over time.
  2. Volunteer to mark storm drains in your community in an effort to inform everyone that the drain discharges to a stream and isn't treated. The City of Bartlett is currently working on establishing a program to help neighborhoods do this. But you don't have to wait. Contact the city's Storm Water Coordinator for more information. Don't mark any drains without coordination with the city.
  3. Be vigilant to detect and report illicit discharges so they can be corrected. Use the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination link on the left side of this page for more information concerning illicit discharges and reporting them.
  4. Invite the city's Storm Water Coordinator to talk at one of your organization's meetings. The Storm Water Coordinator can provide valuable information specific to your neighborhood or business. Use this opportunity to suggest ideas or changes that can make the city's Storm Water Management Program more effective.

What if I've got an idea that can help?

If you have an idea that can help make the City of Bartlett's Storm Water Management Program more effective or one that can help reduce or eliminate storm water runoff pollution, we'd love to hear it. Contact the city's Storm Water Coordinator at 385-6499. Remember, all of us contribute to the problem. All of us can work together to reduce or eliminate it.