Crossing Guards / School Safety

Our community's school crossing guards are an extremely important part of our team. They are responsible for the safety of some of our most important citizens: our children. These public servants are extremely dedicated; they must spend many mornings and afternoons in the extremes of weather, such as record breaking heat, rainstorms, snow, and even hail. Crossing guards also serve at other public events such as school carnivals and local festivals offering "Kids IDs" and safety information.

Crossing guard standing in the street

Safety Program

The P.I.E. department currently has four Safety Instructors: Elizabeth Carver, Wendy Wheeler, Tracey Wagner, and Missie Langley. These dedicated women also serve as school crossing guards. They teach a Safety Program that includes topics such as "Stranger Danger" and "Just Say No" to Kindergarten through 4th graders at all Bartlett elementary schools as well as local daycares. Our Safety Instructors also attend and serve at many public events providing "Kids IDs" and other safety information.

Safety class for small children