Rental Information

Are you planning a wedding, reception, family reunion or party? Do you need space for a meeting, picnic or special occasion? Our facilities will meet your specific need at competitive rates. Consider our facility when planning your activity.

The $200 Security Deposit is due up front along with a completed rental agreement in order to book your rental. The rental balance is due two-weeks prior to the event date. We can only accept cash on rental balances paid less than 14 days before an event date.

Proof of residency must be shown prior to honoring the Bartlett resident rental rates. Acceptable proof must include a valid Photo ID, AND one of the following documents: 

proof of payment of Bartlett property tax, 
Bartlett business license, 
Bartlett water bill, 
mortgage papers or rental/lease agreement, 
Other documents must be approved by management 
**A notarized letter may be needed to show proof of residency.

Regular Hours: (Mon-Thu: 8:00am - 9:00pm, Fri: 8:00am - 8:00pm, Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm).
**No rentals are to extend beyond 11:00pm. Teen parties must end at 9:30pm.**

Regular Hours                                Resident Rate           Non-Resident Rate
Classrooms                                      $30/hr                         $40/hr
Stage Room                                    $40/hr                         $50/hr
Auditorium                                        $60/hr                         $70/hr
Kitchen                                            $50 Flat fee                $55 Flat fee
Gymnasium, One Side Only            $65/hr                         $75/hr
Gymnasium, Whole Gym                $130/hr                       $150/hr
Concession Stand                           $100 Flat Fee             $125 Flat Fee
Basketball Tournament, 2 Day        $1,750                        $1,900
Basketball Tournament, Full Week  $2,200                        $2,400
Deposit -   Classrooms                    $200                           $200
Deposit - Auditorium, Stage Room
              Gym                                    $200                           $200
Deposit For Teen Parties/Dances
& Concerts                                      $500 Cash                  $500 Cash

After Hours                                     Resident Rate           Non-Resident Rate
Classroom (2 Hr Min)                      $65/hr                        $75/hr
Stage Room (2 Hr Min)                    $80/hr                        $90/hr
Auditorium (2 Hr Min)                      $125/hr                      $145/hr
Kitchen                                            $50 Flat Fee              $55 Flat Fee
Gymnasium, One Side Only             $145/hr                      $165/hr
Gymnasium, Whole Gym                $290/hr                      $350/hr
Deposit - Classrooms                      $200                           $200
Deposit - Auditorium, Gym &
Stage Room                                    $200                            $200
Deposit For Teen Parties/Dances
& Concerts                                      $500 Cash                   $500 Cash

Equipment Rental
We have tables and chairs available to rent for your off-site events: yard sales, parties, weddings, baby showers, etc. See below for pricing information: 

Deposit For Any Equipment Rental $50                             $50
Rectangle Tables                              $6 Each                      $6 Each
Metal Folding Chairs                        $ 0.75 Each                $ 0.75 Each

​Updated 8-27-2019