Funding and Incentives

Commission Assistance

In addition to funding planning and infrastructure projects, the Commission is providing assistance with newspaper advertising and with purchase of "Bartlett Station" identification signs (the oval "shingle" signs) for businesses.

Financial Incentives

New Retail and Office Tenants The purpose of this program is to provide incentives for office or retail businesses to locate in the Bartlett Station District. The Bartlett Station Commission must approve the incentive. To be considered, the tenant and/or the lease must meet the attached qualifications and submit an application after a lease agreement is signed. Click here for the application (PDF).

Brokers Bonus Program the program rewards the commercial real estate broker responsible for signing new retail tenants in the Bartlett Station District. The Bartlett Station Development Commission must approve the rewards. To be considered, the tenant and/or the lease must meet the attached qualification. Click here for the application (PDF).

Design Assistance Program "Threshold Improvement" the purpose of the Design Assistance program is to obtain significant improvements to building facades, new buildings, or building additions, in office and commercial properties within the Bartlett Station District by offering grant funds toward the cost of improvements that follow the Bartlett Station Guidelines. Read about qualifications (PDF), application (PDF), and guidelines (PDF).

Property and business owners are encouraged to follow the Design Guidelines when considering updating their buildings. An incentive is provided through a grant program from the Bartlett Station Commission that will fund up to 50% of design and construction expenses, to a grant limit tentatively set at $35,000 per project, based on the extent to which the design is in compliance with the principles of the Guidelines. (The grant supports exterior changes to improve the appearance of a building—not repair, maintenance, or interior changes.) Facade Improvement Grants are available within the boundaries of Bartlett Station

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