Crime Suppression Unit


The Bartlett Police Department Uniform Patrol Division has a long tradition of using proactive patrol techniques to identify, deter, and prevent criminal activity.

The purpose of the Crime Suppression Unit is to provide directed enforcement in order to influence and resolve the most pressing crime locations, offenders, patterns and trends in the Bartlett community. As a result, the unit is a flexible crime response resource that can be used to address a variety of criminal activities, complaint locations, and other assignments deemed necessary to suppress the criminal element. 

CSU Officers conduct daily research of statistical crime reports, collaborate with the Crime & Intelligence Analyst, and assist the Investigative Services Division, in order to develop operations that will deter, prevent, and investigate criminal activity. 

Crime Suppression Unit officers are trained and focused on illegal activities, commonly described as street-level crimes, and are deployed to prevent the influx of these types of criminal offenses.


If you would like to contact us about our Crime Suppression Unit, please email Captain Joe Massey or Lieutenant Brandon Thornton.