Bartlett Christmas Lighting Contest

The 2020 Winners:

FIRST PLACE: 3606 Patricia Ellen Drive                                                                             SECOND PLACE: 7422 Wendy Street                                                                               THIRD PLACE: 6056 Ivawood Drive                                                                                       CIVIC PRIDE: Nation Wide Insurance 

Honorable Mentions are:                                                                                                         3104 Mary Nancy Cove                                                                                                             3463 Flintlock                                                                                                                     6911 Briarfield                                                                                                                    6451 Daybreak Drive                                                                                                         4524 Sir Galahad Lane                                                                                                     4875 Spring Tree                                                                                                              8028 Old Brownsville Road                                                                                              Above and Beyond Electric, 7475 Memphis-Arlington Road                                             7935 Memphis-Arlington Rd                                                                                                 7935 Memphis-Arlington                                                                                                    8200 Bartlett Gap Drive                                                                                                       7231 Lamesa  


The 2020 Christmas Lighting judging will begin December 1 - 14, with the final judging being done Thursday, December 17 at 5:00pm. On these dates we ask residents to be sure they keep their lights on until later in the evening to be sure the committee sees them. In the past we've had some lights submitted as contenders, but when the group drove by the lights were not on & could not be part of the judging.

Holiday Lighting ContestDecorate your Bartlett home and/or business for the holidays! Bartlett City Beautiful Commission is sponsoring their annual Holiday Lighting Contest.

Everyone is invited to participate, just make sure your lights are on during the final judging for prizes. 

Each Christmas season, the Bartlett City Beautiful Commission sets out to recognize and award Bartlett homeowners and one Bartlett business for hard work and creativity of decorating their properties. 

A panel of judges will award a first, second, third place to residences and one commercial property winner. The winners are chosen from among 12 finalists, each representing a subsection of the city. The top winners will each receive a yard sign and a handsome plaque.

The decorations will be judged on their beauty and originality, not necessarily on the cost invested or on the amount of decorations you have.