Business District Beautification Program

Business District Beautification Program

Attract attention and customers to your place of business with a beautiful flower pot from the Bartlett City Beautiful Commission, Business District Beautification Program.

A sizeable and attractive concrete flower pot with one evergreen perennial and seasonal arrangement of colorful plantings will enhance your business curb appeal and support efforts to keep

Bartlett a beautiful place to operate a business and live.

Twice a year, once in spring and in fall, volunteers of the Bartlett City Beautiful Commission will change the foliage in the flower pot to maintain a fresh appearance. The only responsibility you have is to keep the plantings watered, especially during the summer months.

Currently, there a number of flower pots placed in the Bartlett Station area, and several that adorn businesses on the Stage Road corridor. The visual impact of the Business District Beautification Program continues to receive positive comments from citizens and business customers.

To be a part of the Business District Beautification Program, first your business must be located inside the City of Bartlett limits, contact the City of Bartlett to have a Bartlett City Beautiful Commission volunteer come to your business to receive form and payment.

A flower pot will be delivered to your business and placed in a mutually agreeable location close to the street in accordance with all applicable statutes, laws, and regulations of the City of Bartlett.

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City Beautiful planter form (PDF)