Safety and Fire Prevention Tips

Safety Proof Your Kids

If your child spends any time alone, without an adult or older sibling present, during the day……you need to teach them self care skills, set rules and talk about basic home safety. Post the rules in plain site. If you own firearms…put them in a gun safe or at least put trigger locks on them while you are not at home.

We suggest that all parents teach their children to:

  • Memorize their name and address; including the city and state.
  • Memorize their phone numbers; including area code.
  • Make sure they have another emergency contact in case you cannot be reached. (an aunt, uncle, best friend or neighbor that you trust)
  • Teach them how and when to call 911 and how to reach the operator.
  • Teach them to check in with you or a neighbor when they arrive home from school.
  • Never go into the house if a door or window is ajar or broken.
  • Teach them how to operate the locks on all windows and doors.
  • Create and practice a home fire escape plan. Make sure they know what to do in case of a fire or other emergency.
  • Teach them basic home fire safety.
  • Teach them to answer the doorbell and phone safely. Explain!
  • Once checked in…….never leave home without your permission.
  • Avoid walking or playing alone.
  • Explain that a stranger is someone that you or they do not know well.
  • Never let anyone into the house, even if they say that you said it was ok.
  • Tell them to run to the nearest public place, business or a neighbor's house if they think they are being followed or if a stranger tries to talk to them.
  • Teach them to tell you if someone tries to talk to them, offers them a gift or food, asks to take their picture or tries to get them to go with them. Tell them to try to remember what the person looked like, what they were wearing and what they were driving.
  • Always tell you if someone or something made them feel uncomfortable while you were away.