Safety and Fire Prevention Tips

Fire Safety House

The Bartlett Fire Department recently purchased a 36' fire safety training trailer. Its primary use is to teach children about basic home fire safety. The trailer is also used to teach children what to do in the event of a severe thunder storm, tornado and even an earthquake. Although the target audience is children; teens, seniors and adults of all ages can benefit from the fire safety and sever weather messages being taught.

With bleachers built across one end, it will hold approximately 18 to 20 children or 12 to 15 teens or adults. It has air conditioning and heat for use year round. The front room, containing the bleachers, is the main classroom. This room consists of a fully functional kitchen, for teaching cooking safety; a fire place and space heater, for teaching heater and fireplace safety; and an entertainment center which holds the video and TV equipment used to play instructional tapes and DVD's. The trailer is also equipped with a stereo surround sound system used to simulate weather related emergencies.

A Control Room is located in the center of the trailer. The sound system, television and video equipment, smoke generator, lights and computers are all controlled from this room. During a normal presentation, one person stays in the control room to operate the equipment. However, in the event only one instructor is available, the equipment needed to conduct a presentation can be operated remotely.

The bedroom is at the rear of the trailer and consists of a full size twin bed, cabinets and a sliding picture window. Just inside the bedroom is a "heated door' used to teach children how to feel their bedroom door before opening it. The sliding window is equipped with a chain ladder to show children with bedrooms on the second floor another way to get out of the house. We also teach the kids how to "roll off the bed" in the event they wake up with smoke filling their room. They are taught to not stand up in the "bad" air but to get down on the floor where the good air is and then crawl to a door or window to get out.

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, the trailer is also designed to be used as a mobile command center. The bedroom is designed to be used as the communications center, with the bed converting to a desk. The cabinets located above the bed contain additional power outlets, phone jacks and antenna to operate the different radios, telephones and computer equipment necessary for emergency operations. The meeting room of the trailer is utilized for rehabilitation or as a conference area for emergency responders. With the kitchen being fully functional, it can be used to warm food, cook meals and keep drinks cool during extended emergencies.

We believe the fire safety house will be a tremendous asset in our effort to reach as many people as possible with the message of fire prevention and safety.

The fire safety trailer was placed in service August 1st. 2008. For additional information concerning the trailer or details on how to schedule the trailer for your school, daycare or civic event; contact the office of fire prevention at 385-3322 or email the Fire Marshall or email the Deputy Fire Marshall.