Music Lessons

Piano 3

Piano Lessons

Donna Metler is offering in-person piano instruction for beginners to intermediate students starting this summer. In person Lessons will be scheduled for Tuesday - Thursday, and Friday reserved for any makeups.

Ages 3 and up. A parent will need to actively participate in lessons for children age 6 and under, and may need to assist occasionally for older students.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or to setup your lessons please reach out to Donna at

For Ages 3 through High School
Instructor: Donna Metler


WindStars I- 

Ages | 5 and up. 

Pre band/music reading program involving activities using the Dood (pre-Clarinet) or Toot (pre-flute) and additional classroom instruments, including drums, mallet percussion and hand percussion. WindStars 1 begins with iconic notation and moves to traditional notation, and teaches the C major scale notes on all instruments. Each student must have a Dood or Toot. (Available at Lane Music or online retailers).

Fantastic Flutes and Royal Reeds (WindStars 1)

Age 5-8

10 sessions- 45 minutes

Minimum-4 students, maximum 10.

In this musical experience, students will soar with dragons and explore the Medieval world as they explore the basics of the woodwind family of instruments, alone and in combination with other classroom instruments, while also gaining basic music reading, rhythm skills, and having fun! Games, movement activities, and other interactive methods will be used to provide an engaging musical experience.  Students will spend half the semester learning basic flute skills on the Nuvo Toot, and the other half learning single reed woodwind skills on the Nuvo Dood. Students will also have the chance to explore a variety of percussion instruments. After completing this class, students who wish to continue learning flute, saxophone, or clarinet will be well prepared to continue in Windstars 2.  Class fee includes instrument rental for the semester and all print materials. Students participating in this class will perform as a group on the Spring recital.

Windstars II-

Ages | 7 and up

Or have completed WindStars 1- early instrumental instruction on Clarineo, jSax, or jFlute and additional classroom instruments.

 Windstars 2 is the instrumental program for kids who are too small for traditional instruments, or anyone who wants to learn an instrument for fun and social music making. All instruments used are adapted versions which are smaller and lighter, and are adapted to require smaller reach, while still keeping fingerings authentic,and are pitched in C major so they can play with piano, vocal or guitar music, making them ideal for social music making.  Print materials are included in tuition. Students will need their choice of a Clairneo, jSax, or jFlute and a music stand. These instruments are carried locally by Lane music or are available online.

Share your music lesson with your family or pod. Save money and make music together. Shared lessons are a 10 session semester, with two built in make-up days.

Shared piano lessons ages 3 and up. Piano lessons include on and off keyboard activities and theory instruction. Class materials are included. A piano or keyboard at home is required, and practice/theory homework is expected. Shared piano is limited to students beginning instruction together, to avoid frustration, and materials selected will be chosen based on the youngest participant. 

Shared WindStars I, II, preschool music, and Percussion also available.  

Session Type: 30 Minutes

2 students, 30 minutes -$300

3 students, 30 minutes-$350

4 students, 30 minutes-$400


Session Type: 1 Hour

2 students, 60 minutes-$500

3 students, 60 minutes-$550

4 students, 60 minutes-$600


Group music for your pod!

The following classes are available for pods of 4+. 

Please note that classes are subject to room availability at Singleton, with greatest availability before 4:00 PM.  

Prices are based on the number of participants, with a base cost of $400 for ten 60 minute class sessions, and an additional $50 charge per participant. Adults are welcome to participate with their children.

Preschool general music

Elementary general music w/o recorder

Elementary general music w/recorder

Windstars I

Windstars II

Teen music theory/appreciation

Teen Orchestration/Jam session. 

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