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Shelby County Parks in Bartlett

 Park  Location Details
Bobby K. Flaherty Municipal Center3610 Appling Road
(South of US Highway 70)
  • 82 Acres
  • Site of the Bartlett Justice Center, the Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center, the Bartlett Recreation Center, a 1½-mile fitness trail and a lake.
Bartlett Recreation Center7700 Flaherty Place, off Appling Road, between the Justice Center and Appling Middle School
Bartlett Country

High Plains & Dove Ridge Cove (Bartlett Country Subdivision)

  • 14.63 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; walking trail, playground, 1/2-mile walking trail
Bartlett Grove

7155 Santa Cruz Drive

  • 5 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; 3/10–mile walking trail, playground
Bartlett Boulevard Soccer Park

3170 Bartlett Boulevard

  • 11 Acres
  • 2 lighted soccer fields, space for other fields, concession and restroom facilities
A.E. Beaty

7859 Memphis-Arlington Road
(next to Fire Station Number 3)

  • 4.5 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; 3/10-mile walking trail, lake, and restrooms
Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon Drive
  • 20 Acres
  • 8/10-mile walking trail, playground, lake, picnic tables
Davies Plantation
Davies Plantation
and Phillips Road
  • 8 Acres
  • 6/10 mile walking trail, lake, playground, picnic tables

6675 Deermont Drive

  • 10 Acres
  • 4 lighted youth baseball fields, restrooms and concession building
Dixon Brewer

5745 Woodlawn (adjacent to the Senior Center and Gotten House)

  • Located in the Bartlett Station area
  • Tennis court, 1/3-mile walking trail, gazebo, playground.

6950 Dawnhill Road at Luther Road (adjacent to Ellendale Elementary School)

  • 10 Acres
  • Athletic fields, playground, ½-mile fitness trail

3800 Greenleaf Cove
(accessed from Cedar Road)

  • 16 Acres
  • ¾-mile fitness trail, lighted athletic fields, lighted tennis courts, playground, pavilion, picnic area, restrooms
Elmore Civic

2505 Elmore Park Road

  • 3.5 Acres
  • 1/4 –mile walking trail, swing set, picnic tables
Elva T. Bledsoe

2863 Bartlett Road
(at Stage Road and CSX Railroad)

  • 0.5 Acres
  • Gazebo
  • Geographic center of Shelby County
W.J. Freeman

2629 Bartlett Boulevard

  • 100 Acres
  • Site of special events; 9/10-mile fitness trail, lighted tennis courts, athletic fields, playground, picnic tables, gazebo, pavilion and restrooms
Fletcher Creek Greenway (Phase 1)Corner of Santa Valley Street & Highway 64
  • 9/10-mile trail suitable for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic
Freeman Smith 4620 N. Brunswick Road.
  • 8.2 Acres
  • 1/4-mile walking trail
  • Pavilion, restrooms, picnic area, playground, outdoor basketball courts, athletic fields
Kirby-Whitten/Old Brownsville (Future)

Kirby-Whitten Parkway, south of Old Brownsville Road

  • 15 Acres
Madison Arthur Byrd / Burloe Bike Trail

3400 Summerdale Drive

  • 10 Acres
  • Neighborhood park; two lighted tennis courts, 1/3-mile walking trail, picnic areas, playground with baby swing
  • Burloe Bike Trail: 8/10-mile trail suitable for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic

2975 Altruria
(behind City Hall)

  • 10 Acres
  • Japanese Garden, lighted tennis courts, ½-mile fitness trail, playground, picnic tables and restrooms
Nesbit Park5760 Yale Road
  • 333.75 Acres
  • Bicycle trail -11 miles & walking/running trails -2.6 miles
Quail Ridge (Formerly Egypt Central)

Egypt-Central Road and Fiske Road, north of the Quail Ridge Golf Course

  • 20 Acres
  • 8/10-mile walking trail, playground
Rivercrest ParkRivercrest Lane
  • 10 Acres;
  • 1/2-mile walking trail, playground
Rivercrest Natural Area (Future)

Rivercrest Subdivision

  • 90 Acres

6885 Raner Creek Drive, at Kirby-Whitten Parkway (Rockyford Road)

  • 5 Acres
  • 4/10-mile fitness trail, playground, lake
Shadowlawn 4734 Shadow-lawn Road
  • 15 Acres
  • Restrooms, playground, athletic fields, concessions building, basketball
Singleton Community Center & Park

7266 Third Road

Sleepy Hollow 

Northampton Drive and Sleepy Hollow Road

  • 6.4 Acres
  • 3/10-mile fitness trail

3525 Altruria Road, at CSX Railroad

  • 6 Acres
  • 8/10-mile fitness trail beside a lake, playground

5468 Pine Oak Lane (Sugartree Subdivision)

  • 0.6 Acres
  • Playground and picnic tables
Yale Road

  • 11 Acres
  • 1/2-mile fitness trail, picnic tables, playground with baby swings