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The City of Bartlett Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division currently has eight (8) ambulances in it's fleet. Five (5) of those ambulances are in service every day with the ability to place the remaining three (3) ambulances in service at any time the need for ambulances exceeds the resources available.

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All of the Bartlett Fire Department ambulances are staffed to the Advanced Cardiac Life Support level with staffing of at least one Paramedic on the ambulance. Each ambulance carries an EKG monitor/defibrillator with the capability to transmit the patient's EKG to the receiving hospital from the field. This drastically reduces the amount of time from the onset of the cardiac event to the invasive cardiac interventions needed to prevent further cardiac damage.

The Bartlett Fire Department Emergency Medical Services responded to over 6,900 calls in 2022 for assistance with an increase in call volume of approximately 10% annually. EMS Calls make up over 80% of the total call volume for the Bartlett Fire Department.

The Bartlett Fire Department received the MedStat specialty response vehicle at no cost from the grant funding provided by the Memphis and Shelby County MMRS. This vehicle is designed to gain access to patients in the event of a disaster where the use of conventional ambulances would be impossible, such as after a tornado, flood, etc. The MedStat ambulance is built on a 6-wheel drive Polaris 800 chassis and can carry two patients. It is completely air conditioned, has a 4500 pount front-mounted winch, power steering, 2800 watt Onan generator and dual siren systems.

MedStat 1

The Bartlett Fire Department Emergency Medical Services is also involved with the Tennessee Ambulance Strike Team (AST) project. The Ambulance Strike Team project was developed to provide ambulances, organized into teams of five (5) ambulances from each of eight (8) regions in the state. These teams are comprised from both public and private ambulance services in the region and are deployed to disasters that occur outside of their region.

The men and women of the Bartlett Fire Department take pride in the fact that the City of Bartlett Fire Department Emergency Medical Services has the reputation of being one of the best EMS services in the region and provides the highest level of patient care available anywhere.

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